The address of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky

The situation in the neighboring state remains difficult. It hurts to hear about the destruction and loss. Pridnestrovians are closely following the ongoing events and sincerely empathize. It is bitter at the same time to hear and read accusations against our republic, no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Another fake, actively spread by the Ukrainian media, is that Pridnestrovie allegedly launched a missile or other weapon attack on the Vinnitsa airport. This is a shameless lie and provocation!

I responsibly declare that Russian peacekeepers and servicemen of the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Pridnestrovie serving on the territory of the PMR are in places of permanent deployment and have nothing to do with the shelling of the airport in the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsa.

I will not tire of repeating: peaceful Pridnestrovie does not pose a military threat, does not hatch plans of an aggressive nature. We are focused on ensuring peace within the republic and look forward to stabilizing the situation outside of it. Pridnestrovians provide assistance to those who are forced to seek security. Refugees find support, help and shelter here.

I strongly recommend that foreign media check the published information for accuracy, not trust false eyewitnesses, and put correctness and professionalism at the forefront. The word is a dangerous weapon in the hands of those who are chasing a sensation or intentionally spreading deliberate lies.