The Dugout – is a good tradition of Victory Day celebrating

The usual name for an informal meeting with the participation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War is Dugout. The official name of the event is “The Days Past are remembered by the Soldiers”. Banqueting and musical accompaniment are obligatory. The Tiraspol dugout has been held on May 9 in the courtyard of the City Palace of Culture for several years now. The main characters are veterans. Representatives of state authorities and local governments, social activists, and young people congratulated them. The President Vadim Krasnoselsky listened enthusiastically to the memories of the military path and the restoration of the country in the post-war years. Vladimir Ivanovich Gromov was with him at the festive table. He was drafted into the Red Army at the age of 17 as a machinegunner of medium machine gun. He was awarded the Order of Glory III degree and the Order of the Patriotic War. Participant in two Moscow Victory Parades – 2015 and 2018. Another interlocutor of Vadim Krasnoselsky, Konstantin Ivanovich Puganov, began his combat career in 1944. He served in the navy. Another WWII veteran receiving congratulations today is Alexey Ivanovich Zhdanov. He recalled in a table conversation that he received a summons immediately after graduating from the 10th grade, served as a signalman in Turkmenistan, participated in battles on the Baltic front, and was wounded.

They said that the 79th anniversary of the Great Victory was celebrated by 11 participants in the hostilities of the Great Patriotic War in Tiraspol today. Most people celebrate the holiday at home due to health reasons. All were born in the mid-20s of the last century – they have already celebrated or are preparing to celebrate their centenary anniversary. There are only a few veterans in other towns and regions of the republic. The more valuable is communication with each of the participants and witnesses of the tragic and heroic events of the middle of the last century, noted the participants of the capital’s dugout.

Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized speaking about the Great Victory that this is a victory not over the state, but over ideology, over fascism and Nazism. Vadim Krasnoselsky called for remembering history and honoring the feat of our ancestors, congratulated Pridnestrovians on the holiday and addressed words of special gratitude to veterans.