Vadim Krasnoselsky presented new kayaks to rowing schools of the republic, singled out rowing veterans for praise and gave farewell words to the participants of the PMR Open Individual Championship in kayaking and canoeing

News feeds are full of headlines about the successes of pupils of Pridnestrovian rowing schools. This sport is widespread in the republic and has a rich history. Interest in it not only does not fade, but is growing both in the professional sphere and at the amateur level. This is facilitated by the interest of the country's leadership in the development of mass sports.

Regular competition, the Open individual championship of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in kayaking and canoeing, started today at the rowing base of the Sports Children and Youth School of the Olympic Reserve Rowing and Shooting in Tiraspol. The competition is being held for the 30th time. The opening ceremony is attended by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky, who heads the Rowing Federation of Pridnestrovie. The leader of the country arrived with a special mission – he handed over new kayaks to representatives of the republic's rowing schools. There are 20 units in total: four each for Tiraspol and Bendery, and three each for sportsmen Dubossary, Rybnitsa, Grigoriopol and Dnestrovsk. The boats are new, singles, made in Portugal and Poland. Experts say that this is the best that is available today on the market of sports equipment for rowing. It was emphasized in the course of the event, that rowing bases were formed and provided with everything necessary back in the 80s of the last century. New things began to be purchased only in recent years. This is the second batch of new boats. The next stage will be the purchase of a canoe, Vadim Krasnoselsky shared the plans.

It was stated at the event that about a thousand people are now involved in professional rowing in the republic. Among them there are current and future international champions. The recent achievements of the Pridnestrovians at the BRICS games and other championships were mentioned. It is noted that the Open individual championship of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in kayaking and canoeing is becoming an important starting point for many. Vadim Krasnoselsky gave farewell words to the young participants of the championship, wishing them good luck, good water, an easy start and new victories. The merits of the older generation rowers were single  out a reward – they were awarded titles and badges “Honorary Sports Veteran of the PMR”.