Vadim Krasnoselsky, “I would like to wish you memory, will, character, core, so that you cannot be deceived, so that you celebrate this great holiday with honor and dignity”

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky at the end of the ceremonial part of the festive program spoke with representatives of the media.

Vadim Nikolayevich, we celebrate the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Pridnestrovie this year. Today is the 79th anniversary of the Great Victory. Why do people not remember the war, the victims after this time, why fighting is taking place again, and Europe is now on the brink of a world war now in the territory where the Great Patriotic War used to take place. Why is this historical experience not taken into account? How do you think?

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:

Many people remember. What is happening today is the result of an attempt to forget history or rewrite it. I am convinced, what is happening today would not have happened - the people would not have allowed it if there were no attempts to rewrite or distort history, to steal victory from the Soviet people. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union turned into a patchwork quilt, and each piece of the autonomous one acquired its own ideology, its own values, its own principles after the collapse of the USSR. The scary thing is that they are not based on history, on the feat of the Soviet people. These patchworks fall prey to propaganda. What kind of propaganda? That it was not the Soviet people who won the war, that on the contrary the Soviet Union unleashed the Great Patriotic War, the Second World War. Of course, this is a lie. I want to remind you that almost the entire united Europe fought against the Soviet Union. The industrial resources of all of Europe worked against the Soviet Union in any case. If we take the national composition of Hitler’s army in fact, then there were people of all European nationalities. I want to remind you about the concentration camps, about the death camps that were scattered throughout Europe. This is the only example in the world where people were destroyed on an industrial scale, according to plans, algorithms, technologies, etc. So, it was all destroyed by a Soviet soldier.

I want to remind you of one more historical fact. They don't talk about it for some reason. It would seem that everything has already been said about Great Patriotic War, about the Second World War, and there is nothing to say. There is one point that is ignored, unfortunately. This is in addition to the feat of the Soviet people. The victory took place in May 1945. The Soviet leadership was in a hurry to win; they wanted to take Berlin quickly. Why? Is it really just for the sake of orders and medals? No. The people who commanded the Soviet army understood perfectly well why they did it. This involved victims of course: there are victims if you are in a hurry. The thing is that Hitler had already developed nuclear weapons. Nazi Germany developed nuclear weapons. If they hadn’t rushed to victory, pay attention to what Hitler called this weapon: not a weapon of victory, but a weapon of retribution. Hitler and the entire Nazi junta were well aware of the inevitability of disaster. They could take revenge and throw a nuclear bomb, of course. They would throw it to whomever they could reach: Europe, Britain, the Soviet Union. I do not doubt that. The Soviet Union in fact prevented the nuclear bombing of many European capitals, having accelerated the victory, putting an end to Nazi Germany and its satellites. I do not doubt that. As for talking regarding some kind of nuclear escalation, a possible nuclear war, it is precisely the Soviet Union that did not allow it. It is true. In no case can this be put aside, somehow leveled out, or distorted. It is impossible. The truth is the truth. Everyone will know it. Of course, our common task, including mine as President, as a father, is to raise children, grandchildren, all people in memory, in gratitude of the feat of the Soviet soldier, the Soviet people, with an understanding of what really happened. Disasters happen when they forget. We are witnessing it today, unfortunately.

Vadim Nikolayevich, what do you think is how we managed to maintain the correct attitude towards the Victory against the backdrop of what was happening in neighboring states?

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:

Pridnestrovie has a peculiarity. People are used to telling the truth here – in schools, kindergartens, other educational institutions, and in communicating with people. This truth probably gives us the opportunity to remember, study this history, and be grateful. That's the whole answer.

Vadim Nikolayevich, we noticed a lot of people with children today. When you ask why you came with your whole family, with children, everyone says that it needs to be passed on to the younger generation. What would you like to say to the grandchildren of Victory as President?

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:

I also have children and grandchildren. Of course, I speak, lecture, and educate as President, but I am also a father and grandfather. I pass on to my children and my grandchildren what I know. The generation is leaving. Unfortunately, only a few people remain from the generation of winners, those who won the war. Naturally, we must pass on the truth from generation to generation, thanks to which we prevent tragedy here in Pridnestrovie.

It’s true that non-humans (I can’t call them anything else) destroyed a single power called the Soviet Union, tearing it into these shreds. What is happening today is a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Those who dismembered the Soviet Union, who deceived, who lied, who betrayed, they trampled, by and large, the memory of those who lie in mass graves, who burned in a tank, on an airplane, drowned on a ship, died in a field in the infantry. There is no place for traitors on this earth and there will be no place in the next world either probably. Of course, I’m not a judge, I can’t say for sure, but I have this feeling. We need to talk about this too. We must understand how they managed to deceive people, how they destroyed a great power. What we have is a consequence of those events. Why did it happen? They managed to steal memory and deceive people then. Transmission from generation to generation is very important not just for history, for monuments. It is necessary for the safety of children and grandchildren.

Vadim Nikolayevich, we always talk about preserving peace on this day. At the same time, the media constantly write that we have a risk of escalating the conflict. There are no negotiations with Moldova. The negotiation process is stagnant. Is there a risk of escalation?

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:

You know, there is always a risk. This is clear, but I am convinced that the leadership of Pridnestrovie and the leadership of Moldova assess all the circumstances, external factors and do not want to allow war. At least that's what I hope. I see that the leadership of Moldova today does not want escalation in Pridnestrovie, the leadership of Pridnestrovie does not want escalation in Moldova. Of course, there are many things that separate us, we have different attitudes towards history, but in our understanding of the world we coincide. Pridnestrovie definitely does not want war. War is actually easy to start, but very difficult to end. We must have wisdom, understanding and prevent this escalation and ultimately war. Me as the President, the political leadership, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the entire people are doing everything to prevent escalation and war here. Returning to history, a lot needs to be done for this, of course. We must have the unity of the people, a common understanding. This is brought up through history as well.

Vadim Nikolayevich, what do you want to wish the Pridnestrovians on this bright holiday?

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky:

First of all, I would like to wish the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers good health. Stay close to us as long as possible. You are the connecting bridge, the connecting link of generations, with the help of which we can reach out to those terrible events and feel them. After all, history lives in the veterans. They are living witnesses of that terrible war. Fortunately, they are among us, but they are very few of course. The generation of winners is leaving, unfortunately.

For those living today, I would like to wish memory, will, character, core, so that you cannot be deceived, so that you celebrate this great holiday with honor and dignity, so that you do not live in states where they hide the St. George Ribbon, where veterans go and hide awards under their jackets. This is scary. I am deeply convinced that there are things worse than death. They say that death is the worst thing, but no. When memory is deprived, this is the worst thing.

I wish everyone who lives on this land, in Pridnestrovie, peace, creation, and tranquility. Everything will be fine. I am convinced that the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic will be recognized, but a certain path must be followed. May God grant you health so that you can walk this path and not eradicate yourself. Peace to Pridnestrovie!