Family is a magical symbol of life

Pridnestrovians are preparing for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity. A series of thematic events has started. The “Family is a magical symbol of life” family festival is taking place in the capital’s Catherine Park. Its program includes a ceremony honoring families with rich experience. This is a traditional event. The PMR President with his wife take part in it obligatory. The Krasnoselsky couple greeted the Korobkin family on the Alley of Fountains. The head of the family Denis Korobkin introduced to the guests of honor his wife – the namesake of the wife of the PMR President – Svetlana and their children – Maxim and Nika. The couples went to an exhibition of creativity of Pridnestrovian masters. Svetlana Krasnoselskaya wrote on one of the canvases that a family begins with a happy childhood, where there are grandparents, mother and father.

The Krasnoselsky couple addressed the participants of the event, and in their person all Pridnestrovians – married people or those still in search of family happiness.

“Family, love and fidelity are simple words in fact, but they have great value. It is impossible without them to imagine happiness. Happiness is in the family. No mountains of gold, no career growth can replace the comfort of home, the warmth of a loved one, the smiles of children and grandchildren. Values ​​such as family, love and fidelity were formed by society thousands of years ago, and they live and flourish in Pridnestrovian society. Pridnestrovians see their happiness through family, and family through love and loyalty”, noted the PMR President.

Svetlana Krasnoselskaya noted supporting her husband that a happy family begins in childhood, “We must first make children happy with our protection and love. They will grow up and continue to give happiness”.

Married couples who carried their love through many years were honored on the occasion of the holiday, according to tradition. Families who have been married for 50 and 55 years received congratulations personally from the Krasnoselsky couple.

Nadezhda Fedorovna and Sergei Ivanovich Ivanov are “emerald” anniversaries. They lived together 55 years, raised two daughters, and help raise their granddaughter and great-granddaughter. They say that the main secret of a happy family life is love and respect for each other.

Gennady and Tatyana Kovchenko, Victor and Valentina Radchenko, Nikolai and Raisa Kuznetsov, Anatoly and Natalya Drogachinsky are among the golden anniversaries. The President with his wife presented flowers and gifts to the “golden” couples.

Another tradition is the presentation of medals “For Love and Fidelity” by representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Union of Russian Communities. The Krasnoselsky couple are among the recipients this year. Vadim Nikolaevich and Svetlana Sergeevna over 33 years of family life raised three children with love and respect: son Ivan, daughters Genevieve-Evgenia and Sofia, and help in raising two grandchildren.

Creative teams of the republic addressed congratulations to the heroes of the day.