Speech by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky during the VII Congress of Deputies of All Levels

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President:

Dear delegates of the Congress, dear First President of the PMR Igor Nikolaevich Smirnov, dear Alexander Viktorovich, dear Alexander Nikolaevich, dear invitees, dear Pridnestrovians.

Today's Congress is taking place in an era of powerful geopolitical storm. Pridnestrovie is in very difficult conditions. I won’t name them, everything is clear to you. Moldova traditionally uses global difficulties to infringe on Pridnestrovie. This applies to the collapse of the Soviet Union at one time, this also applies to the pandemic, this also applies to the fighting in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Pridnestrovie has been alive for more than 33 years. It is a fact. There are many young people here in the hall, and here are also elders who stood at the origins of the statehood of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. I want to remind you why Pridnestrovie was created. This was not the whim of individuals, deputies, or officials. No. It was the choice of the people, and those deputies who voted, took responsibility for saving the Pridnestrovian people.

Any crime has four signs. You probably know it. The concept of genocide also has four characteristics. I'll name them. The first is when the central government denies legal assistance to part of its territory. Remember the late 80s – early 90s, when applications from citizens living on the left bank of the Dniester were not even considered by the police or the prosecutor’s office of Moldova. This is a refusal of legal assistance. This is the first sign. The second sign is the economic strangulation of the region. This happened, I won’t repeat it. The third sign is the introduction of one language, a ban on the spread of other languages that generate the culture, traditions and customs of the peoples living in certain territories. The fourth sign is the physical destruction of part of the people. That's all.

Let me remind you how the process happened. The collapse of the Soviet Union. It was destroyed by a handful of traitors. All union republics chose the path of independence, but Moldova went the furthest. Moldova managed to quit not only from the Soviet Union, Moldova managed to quit from the MSSR. Please, read carefully the Declaration of Sovereignty dated June 23, 1990 and the Declaration of Independence dated August 27, 1991. The Parliament of Moldova recognized the illegality of the creation of the MSSR, essentially destroying the MSSR, dividing it into two entities – present-day Moldova (former Bessarabia) and present-day Pridnestrovie (former MASSR). I have already addressed the authorities of Moldova and now I will address: dear gentlemen, bring the Constitution and laws of Moldova in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of your state, since according to the decision of the Constitutional Court, the declaration has higher legal force than the Constitution of Moldova. All questions will be answered then. This will be the end of this long dispute. I say again: we did not leave the MSSR, we did not leave Moldova, we have never been there. We were created before, against the will of some officials of that state. The necessity is still the same, and it remains: protecting life, health, business, the economy, rights and freedoms.

I suppose, Moldova ultimately realized their mistake and tried to solve the issue with blood – the blood of the Pridnestrovian people. The war that was started here had cause-and-effect connections with the collapse of Moldova, the Moldavian SSR. I also want to remind you. The day before the invasion of the city of Bendery on June 18, 1992 the Parliament of Moldova decides on an exclusively peaceful solution to the Pridnestrovian issue. Do you understand? On June 19, there was an invasion of the city of Bendery from three directions: Chisinau, Varnitsa and Kaushany. The invasion was not just special forces, but mobilized forces. Do you understand? It takes time, it takes months to mobilize. That is, parliament deliberately made a false decision.

Moreover, there were so-called observers of the international mission in Bendery who had run away and did not complete their tasks, and did not even draw up a report at the end of hostilities.

The war is over. Unfortunately, at the cost of the Pridnestrovians, the defenders of Pridnestrovie. I can't get past this topic. I ask you to honor with a minute of silence all those who gave their lives and health defending the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

A full-blooded functional state Pridnestrovie was created. We were the only people who ensure rights and freedoms, it is we who ensure the protection of property, the protection of business activities, it is we who ensure the continuation of the negotiation process, the fulfillment of all social obligations, and we ensure peace on Pridnestrovian land.

The statements of some Moldovan officials that Moldova pays pensions and benefits to Pridnestrovians look ridiculous. It's a lie. Only the Pridnestrovian budget does this. All this is a burden on all residents of Pridnestrovie. We fulfill our social obligations. We follow three main principles in the development of Pridnestrovie: political stability, economic self-sufficiency and social justice, which are the basis of our state idea. Its essence is the independence of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic with recognition; continuation of the formation of the community “Pridnestrovian people”, developing the languages, culture and traditions of each people living in Pridnestrovie; building a socially oriented state with a market economy.

We will not leave this path. This is the people's choice. Our people have the right to be heard, but they are very afraid of this. Please note what kind of hysteria literally took place in the media of neighboring countries. I am sure that the so-called bloggers, the so-called media had one goal – to disrupt the Congress of Deputies of all levels, to scare people, to silence them. It is not right. The voice of Pridnestrovians must be heard. We must talk about our freedoms, our rights, our free economic activity, the negotiation process, and ultimately, about peace on Pridnestrovian soil. Everyone who raised hysterics are people who oppose Pridnestrovie, against peace on Pridnestrovian soil. This must be clearly understood.

Dear deputies, dear Pridnestrovians, do not hesitate to speak. We must be heard. Use your right to speak. No one has the right to shut our mouth. Our right is to be heard.

Dear deputies of the Supreme Council, city, district, town, village Councils, those invited, I thank you for your civic position in the name of prosperity and freedom of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.