The President honored the memory of the fallen defenders of Bendery and the victims of Moldovan aggression

The monument sacred to the memory and sorrow is the traditional venue for mourning events on the Day of the tragedy in Bendery. The territory where the memorial complex was later founded remembers the fierce battles of 1992. June 19, 1993 on the first anniversary of their beginning – a restored infantry fighting vehicle, the crew of which died defending the people of Bendery, was placed on a pedestal. The BMP (infantry fighting vehicle) changed its military mission to a peaceful one. Another symbol of the unfading memory of the heroic deeds of the defenders is the Eternal Flame. An Orthodox chapel was built at the memorial in 1995. There is a 430-kilogram bell under its arch, the beats of which resonate in the hearts of grateful compatriots and descendants of Bendery’s defenders. A year later “wings” appeared there – this is what residents of Bendery call the memorial wall, in the center of which there are five slabs with the names of the victims. This design reminds that the city is always protected. A monument to Lieutenant General Alexander Lebed, who took command of the 14th Army at the height of hostilities, appeared at the Bendery memorial in 2012.

The memorial is crowded today. Residents and guests of the city of Bendery come here to honor the memory of the victims every year on June 19. The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky laid flowers on behalf of the entire Pridnestrovian people. There is a funeral wreath at the memorial wall with the inscription “Eternal memory of those who died for Pridnestrovie”.