New Year's address from the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky

Dear Pridnestrovians!

Dear compatriots!

The pleasant pre-festive cares are behind us. We are all filled with good feelings and are in anticipation of great joy. New Year's Eve means bright dreams and new plans after all.

Another year goes down in history. It was different for each of us – sometimes joyful, sometimes anxious, sometimes sad, and sometimes happy. We went through all this together with our loved ones – with our family.

I thank all the inhabitants of Pridnestrovie: who built and created, who treated, taught, helped, improved, governed, who strengthened defense capabilities, ensured law and order, protected peace on Pridnestrovian land – in a word, those who lived 2023 with love for people, home, family, republic. This is exactly how we year after year have been strengthening and developing our beloved Pridnestrovie for the fourth decade now.

Most Pridnestrovians celebrate the New Year at the festive table. Close to family and friends. The family is the beginning and basis of a person’s life, support, and the support of the state without exaggeration Pridnestrovie is a large multinational and original family of the united Pridnestrovian people for all of us, undoubtedly. That is why I have declared 2024 the Year of Family Values.

Dear friends! The New Year unites different generations with special traditions, creates a genuine atmosphere of warmth in homes, and fills souls with happiness. The greatest value is to feel those who are nearby.

It's time to make wishes. You should never lose heart, you should never give up, you should never lose faith and hope, no matter how difficult times may seem. I consider that each of us thinks about the future, makes good plans at these moments. I want all of us, the large Pridnestrovian multinational family, to make three simple wishes for us and our Motherland – peace, prosperity and development.

May all hardships remain in the past, and may 2024 bring a lot of happiness and joy. May our homes be filled with light and warmth, and may love and harmony reign in our families.

Good health, constant good luck, peace of mind and well-being to all of us!

Happy holiday!

Happy New Year, Pridnestrovie!