• Presidential affordable housing for public-sector employees program in action
  • Sports and health complex was returned to operation in the Severny microdistrict of Bendery
  • The PMR President and Foreign Minister discussed upcoming Meeting in the 5 + 2 format in Bratislava
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky discussed activities of the Official Representative Office of Pridnestrovie in Moscow with Leonid Manakov
  • Extended meeting of the leadership of the republic with compatriots took place at the Representative Office of Pridnestrovie in Moscow
  • The Guild of Russian Lawyers was awarded the Order of Honor by decree of the PMR President
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky, “We feel the support of the Just Russia not just in words, but in fact”
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky is at the State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • The PMR President is on a working visit to Moscow
  • The most worthy inhabitants of the district were honored at the Slobodzeya House of Culture
  • Celebration of Slobodzeya Foundation Day to the music of water
  • The PMR President answered questions from members of the Consultative Assembly of the First Pridnestrovian Deputies
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