• Meeting with Konstantin Zatulin
  • Vadiv Krasnoselsky attended the opening ceremony of new admission department
  • The President attended the opening ceremony of the Olympic Reserve College
  • Municipal specialized (correctional) educational institution number 2
  • Republic Day celebration continues
  • Military parade on the main square of the Pridnestrovian capital
  • Speech of the PMR President during the Military Parade dedicated to the Republic Day
  • Pridnestrovie celebrates the 29th anniversary of statehood
  • Solemn meeting dedicated to the 29th anniversary of the establishment of Pridnestrovie
  • Traditionally, on the eve of Republic Day, the country's leadership presents state awards
  • The 55th Podolsky Infantry Regiment is honored in Bendery
  • Press conference of the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky
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