Address of the PMR President to parliamentarians during the final plenary session of the Supreme Council of the VI convocation

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: “On my own behalf and on behalf of the state authorities and authorities, let me congratulate the deputies and absolutely all citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic on the 30th anniversary of the formation of the Supreme Council of our state. This is a bright, life-determining event, thanks to which the statehood of Pridnestrovie took place. Of course, a lot has changed over the 30 years: legislation was built, the Constitution was adopted, chambers, deputies, and the structure of the legislative body changed. Now, not 43, as was customary, but 33 members of the Supreme Council will work. At the same time, the legislative branch has been and remains a very important element of the state structure. The very network of legislative and representative bodies of state power is very important for our republic.

If we recall the history of the creation of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, then it was through referendums, through deputies of all levels, that Pridnestrovie was formed on September 2, 1990. Today, in my opinion, the Councils - both the Supreme Council and the city and regional councils - play an important role in shaping legislation. It is the Supreme Council that adopts laws, and the President signs them and builds state policy on the basis of the adopted laws.

All branches of Government of course are involved in lawmaking, all have an equal right to legislative initiative. But the last word belongs to the deputies of the Supreme Council. That is, full understanding, an objective assessment, the absence of the predominance of the personal over the public, and work for the prosperity of our state are needed. There are many opinions. I perceive anything - when it is aimed at positive, at development. What I do not perceive is indiscriminate criticism without suggestions. I welcome the constructive work. Truth is born in a dispute. So it is, it was and will be in the future.

I would like to thank the deputies of the Supreme Council of the VI convocation. We started working together. I had the honor to lead the Supreme Council in a difficult 2016. Together we overcame all the crisis phenomena and, thanks to joint, well-coordinated work, achieved a certain result.

Deputies of the VII convocation start parliamentary work at difficult time. This is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is striding stubbornly across the globe. Everyone has problems, and there are also problems in Pridnestrovie. But we are fighting, we are coping, we keep the situation under control. We will not allow any panic, any hysteria. Everyone should do their job, no matter how difficult it is. Everything passes and this will pass. This is a test for strength, for cohesion, for the ability even in difficult conditions to organize, systematize activities. Naturally, a very large role in this will be played by the legislative bodies of power - both the Supreme Council and the representative bodies of power - city and district Soviets.

You are about to consider a budget law. I ask you to be very attentive to this document. This always complex document is now burdened with the COVID-19 problem. Decisions often have to be made at lightning speed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to plan even for a month. Now, for example, the number of people tested has increased, and a greater number of patients have begun to be identified. We have no right to leave a person without a test. We have now received twenty new laboratories. We will continue to identify cases. Timely identification guarantees recovery. Lateness aggravates the situation. These are proven facts. To provide the republic with tests (January is not working in terms of supplies, February is organizational, and in March a decision will have to be made), I set the task for the Government to pay for one hundred thousand tests in December, so that we have enough of them until April. Based on the fact that we test 1-1.5 thousand people per day, this is a reserve for one quarter. It all costs a lot of money. The Government is in a very difficult position: it is necessary to promptly find financial reserves at the end of the year. I am convinced that the Government will find this money, there are simply no other options. Once again, I urge: carefully study the draft budget, approach the amendments very carefully. Try to make decisions in a consolidated manner, together with the Government. Nobody in any way questions your opinion, initiatives and amendments. I urge you to take into account the situation that is developing today. It is very important. I am convinced that any amendment will only be adopted jointly, with full consolidation and with full understanding. You can always count on me: I will connect at any stage and provide appropriate assistance.

Dear colleagues, dear deputies of the Supreme Council of the VI convocation! Please accept my sincere thanks. Thank you for your work, for your understanding. Thank you for our work in the team".