Appeal of the PMR President to the people of Pridnestrovie in connection with the spread of coronavirus in the republic

Dear Pridnestrovians! Dear compatriots!

The reason for my appeal to you today is completely understandable. This is the COVID-19 pandemic, the spread of coronavirus infection worldwide, including in Pridnestrovie.

You are all witnesses of what is happening, own information. Based on the data available on the Internet, on television and in other sources, it can be concluded that two scenarios of the spread of coronavirus infection are currently known - Asian and European. Perhaps other scenarios will appear later, but so far we can only talk about two options.

What is the essence of the Asian script? This, of course, is sick, dead, but at the same time it is the prompt adoption of quarantine measures, strict isolation, and self-discipline of people, which made it possible to eliminate the pandemic in Asian countries in the shortest possible time.

What has the European practice of combating coronavirus shown? Untimely introduction of quarantine measures, lack of strict isolation and discipline at the initial stage. This led to the spread of the virus and, of course, is associated with a large percentage of deaths.

We have a choice. Coronavirus is a new challenge to all of humanity. At all times in the world there were events that divided life into "before" and "after". This is war, disaster, revolution. We are currently witnessing a new challenge: this is a pandemic, the COVID-19 epidemic, which also divided the time into “before” and “after”. What do we do? Which way to go? What choice to make? The choice depends on the goal. Our goal is to preserve the health and lives of people as much as possible. Therefore, the means we resort to are justified by the designated goal - to save the lives and health of Pridnestrovian citizens.

In Pridnestrovie on January 31 of this year, according to the decree of the President, measures were taken to prevent citizens from distant foreign countries from coming to the republic from those countries where the first outbreaks of COVID-19 were identified. These measures were timely. We restricted access and thereby prevented the spread of the disease at an early stage. Although at the same time we heard criticism from European structures and Moldovan leaders. They said that it was premature, that there were no problems and would not be. It was their negligence, and they paid for it.

March 2, we have already created the Operational Headquarters. I took control of the process on my own responsibility. On March 16, a decree of the President on the introduction of a state of emergency was signed, and on March 18, deputies of the Supreme Council approved the legal validity of this decree. On April 1, we extended the state of emergency and strengthened quarantine measures.

Dear Pridnestrovians!

I ask you to treat what is happening with understanding. Everything is done not for the sake of a formal decision. This is done for you. No decree, no law can force a person to be responsible. It all depends on the particular citizen, on his consciousness, discipline and understanding of the existing problem.

First of all, I want to appeal to health workers. Of course, the main load, the main blow will on you. You are on the first line of defense. You are the first to encounter danger. Therefore, as President, I initially began to demand the protection of health workers. Thanks to our self-sufficiency, we were able to produce masks and protective gowns as soon as possible. We managed to purchase additional means of protection and disinfection. We will distribute the load on the whole of Pridnestrovie so that not only Slobodzeya will take the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The wave, of course, will sweep over. There will be sick people and losses. There are already losses. But it is in our power to minimize them. In Moldova, for example, 80 doctors have already become ill. This is a large amount. So once again I appeal to you, doctors. Think of yourself, be professionals. When faced with danger, be prepared for this. Do not neglect security features. Do not jeopardize yourself, your team, or your loved ones.

Of course, not only health workers are involved in activities to minimize the spread of coronavirus infection. These are employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, other law enforcement agencies and enterprises. I appeal to these employees and their managers. Think of your people. Protect your people in office.

A lot of things have been already done. During the state of emergency, more than ten thousand objects of our republic were disinfected. Over 50 tons of solution was consumed. A large number of catering and trade facilities have been verified. Citizens who came from far and near abroad are in conditions of self-isolation. There is tight control. Militia officers monitor the enforcement of quarantine on the territory of Pridnestrovie, protect citizens from contacts with potential patients. Everyone works: from the President to an ordinary official and employee. It is right. Only by consolidating management, tight management, we can achieve success.

Once again I appeal to you, dear citizens of Pridnestrovie. Follow quarantine requirements! I appeal to your consciousness, responsibility and discipline! Remember: the life of your loved ones, relatives, your life and health depends on you.

There should be no panic. Confusion is unacceptable. The Republic is fully provided with food and everything necessary for life in a pandemic. Monitoring and control is daily. Many commercial structures have offered and are already rendering feasible assistance to the state leadership: they are also aimed at combating the pandemic and bear personal responsibility for their actions. I am glad that there are caring people. Those who can donate finances, those who can provide personal feasible assistance. There are volunteer doctors who have expressed a desire to be in the forefront in the fight against this evil, with a pandemic.

Dear Pridnestrovians.


I hope you heard me. I assure you: I will be next to everyone, to every citizen of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. I wish you to be healthy. Do not be sick, be disciplined and responsible. Together with minimal losses we will be able to overcome this challenge, save the Pridnestrovian people and the Pridnestrovian state.