The PMR President's address to the people of Pridnestrovie on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War

Dear veterans!

Cadets, pupils of Suvorov Military College, soldiers, sergeants,

senior representatives, warrant officers, officers and generals!

Dear Pridnestrovians!


Congratulations on Victory Day!

May 9 is the day of special pride and memory for each of us.

The war of 1941-1945 for our people was and will remain Great and Patriotic, Sacred and Liberation. It affected every Soviet person, demanded the mobilization of all forces and means.

We are proud that our countrymen were in the ranks of those who forged the Victory in the rear, achieved it with weapons in their hands on all fronts of the Great Patriotic War. 12 Pridnestrovians were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union for military exploits.

We bow our heads to the blessed memory of each of the tens of millions of Soviet citizens who fell on the battlefields, died of starvation, and were tortured to concentration camps.

Today, in the family circle, at home, we celebrate Victory Day, honor our heroes. The holiday of May 9 cannot be canceled or rescheduled. This is a moral symbol of the triumph of the forces of good and truth.

Every year on this day, the Immortal Regiment marches in cities and villages. Even today this event, in a different format, but will take place. A metronome will sound in the republic at exactly 19:00, which will count a minute of silence. At this time, I invite you to join the Immortal Regiment at home. Look out from the windows of the apartments with portraits of veterans, go out onto the balconies, into the courtyard of private households. At that moment, those who defended their homeland from fascism will be at home with their descendants.

Hundreds of events were planned for the 75th anniversary of Victory in Pridnestrovie. However, due to the pandemic of the coronavirus infection, the state of emergency, we were forced to adjust our plans and reschedule all major celebrations. Such measures have been taken to preserve the health and life of every Pridnestrovian, maintain stability and security of society and the state.

I assure you, we will make every effort to ensure that the 75th anniversary of the Victory is celebrated: with a military parade and military-historical reconstruction in Tiraspol, holiday concerts in all towns and villages of Pridnestrovie.

We are proud of the 1945 Victory and will always be indebted to the generation of winners. All Pridnestrovian veterans of the Great Patriotic War received congratulations on the holiday, a commemorative medal and material assistance from the state. Today, every veteran at his home will be given a live concert. I am sure that to surround them with care and attention is our honorable duty.

Dear veterans!

You are a generation of winners for us and all subsequent descendants. After all, to endure the trials that were suffered by you, is subject only to people with a brave and strong spirit, loving their homeland, people.

We express our sincere gratitude and deep gratitude for your courage and heroism shown during the years of the Great Patriotic War, for our opportunity to live and work freely under a peaceful sky for the good of the Fatherland.

75 years separate us from the Great Victory, but its significance for us, for world and Pridnestrovian history, only becomes more visible over the years.

Dear compatriots!

Dear Pridnestrovians!

Victory Day remains in the heart of each the brightest date, which bears grief and joy, happiness and pain from the loss of those who, with their steadfastness, courage, defended the independence of their homeland and brought peace.

I know that the celebration of Victory Day today, in this difficult time for the republic, even being at home, will unite us even more.

This holiday, I congratulate you on the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War!

Glory to the victorious people!

May the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic live and prosper!

Congratulations on the Great Victory Day!