• The family of Krasnoselsky, like many of the Tiraspol families and families who arrived from other cities to celebrate the anniversary of the republic, spent this evening in the Catherine Park
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky's interview to the TV channel "Russia 24"
  • The military parade took place on the Suvorov square in Tiraspol
  • Commander-in-Chief of the PMR Armed Forces Vadim Krasnoselsky greeted and congratulated the Military Parade participants, veterans and all Pridnestrovians
  • The state flags are raised on the central square of the capital
  • Pridnestrovians honored the memory of the deceased defenders the day of anniversary of the republic
  • The solemn ceremony was held to honor the Pridnestrovians who contributed to the development of the republic and the strengthening of the foundations of its statehood
  • The President was handed the key to the Tiraspol Fortress
  • The President with his wife were among the first visitors to the Catherine Park officially opened today
  • The Monument to Catherine the Great was unveiled in Tiraspol
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated pupils of Suvorov Military College on the beginning of the academic year
  • Vadim Krasnoselsky met with the delegation of the Artsakh Republic
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