The costs to fight the COVID are controlled

The costs to fight the COVID-19 were discussed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. According to the government's calculations, the total amount will be 297 million rubles from March to the end of the year. At the same time, it was noted that the costs should be divided into two groups - direct and those that the state would have incurred without coronavirus circumstances (the pandemic only pushed for a more prompt solution of long-standing issues). The first block includes such items as the payment of allowances to medical personnel involved in anti-coronavirus activities – 88 million rubles, the organization and conduct of testing – 53 million, individual protective means – 17 million, nourishing diet in infectious diseases hospitals – 9 million, medicines – 15 million, state support of the population and economic entities – 29 million rubles. As for the costs that are indirectly related to the fight against the pandemic, it includes the purchase of medical equipment, including for computed tomography, in the amount of 19 million rubles and other equipment for 3.5 million, purchase of hospital linen (2.9 million ), implementation of repair and construction works (4.3 million), equipping educational institutions with fiber optic and appropriate sockets to ensure the educational process using modern communication means - 9 million, purchase of computers - 11 million. Another 4.5 million rubles were spent on replacing windows. The category of indirect costs includes the costs associated with the installation of recirculators and irradiators in kindergartens in schools.

Noting the multi-vector nature and the need for all the aforementioned expenses, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that many investments are long-term, that is, next year if new serious challenges do not appear there is hope that the burden on the state treasury associated with prevention, combating the pandemic and its consequences will be not so heavy. The President spoke about the prudence of spending budget funds and recalled that the Accounts Chamber checks all expenses related to financing anti-coronavirus measures.