Meeting of the Presidential Operational Headquarters was held with participation of chief physicians of the Pridnestrovian medical institutions

186 laboratory confirmed diagnoses of COVID-19 among Pridnestrovians. 10 dead from the number of citizens infected with coronavirus. Three people recovered. These are the data at the time of today's meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President. From today, patients with suspected presence of COVID-19 infection and confirmed diagnosis will be accommodated in local coronavirus hospitals. Slobodzeya does not fulfill republican function any more: previously received patients will continue to receive treatment, but only infected residents of the Slobodzeya district will occupy new beds. The maximum capacity of which (including basements) is 220 people, another building will be prepared in addition to the new building of the surgical department in Tiraspol. The management of the republican clinical hospital was instructed to determine the building. It should be isolated from the rest of the departments.

On the eve, on the recommendation of Vadim Krasnoselsky, the chief medical staff of the republic’s medical institutions and the heads of the coronavirus treatment and quarantine centers held a joint meeting in the form of a video conference. Its goal is the exchange of views, suggestions, first experiences and lessons learned. The main speaker-consultant was Igor Tostanovsky, Head of the Slobodzeya infectious diseases hospital.

All medical facilities newly created in Pridnestrovie during the pandemic are ready to receive patients, equipped, provided with medicines and protective equipment, the head doctors informed the President. At the same time, there is an acute shortage of personnel everywhere. We have to transfer specialized specialists from one hospital to another and involve employees in several shifts. In this regard, the President instructed for the duration of the emergency to suspend the rule limiting the number of rates that a health worker can take. Payment will be made according to the actual hours worked. Health workers involved in the fight against coronavirus are already being paid extra for risk. The size of additional payments from funds allocated as humanitarian aid by socially responsible representatives of the Pridnestrovian business is from three to ten thousand rubles, it was noted during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. They talked about other forms of humanitarian assistance in a difficult period for the country. Large business entities have acquired thousands of tests of in-depth study of biomaterial for the presence of COVID-19 and tens of thousands of rapid tests. Significant amount of disinfectant is purchased. Industrial enterprises manufacturing protective masks and gowns continue to work. The issue of providing hospitals and emergency medical services with respirators has moved forward. A computer tomograph for the Slobodzeya hospital is also humanitarian aid (its installation continues). The organization of additional research laboratories is being discussed. Early diagnosis in conditions of the rapid spread of infection is extremely important, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky, instructing to urgently work on this issue.