Meeting of the Operational Headquarters: discussion of current issues

It was said during the meeting of the Operational Headquarters that a sharp jump in the detection of COVID-19 in Pridnestrovie is due to the fact that for several days preceding the active growth of indicators, the capital's laboratory did not function, and therefore a significant amount of biomaterial of potential virus carriers has accumulated. The necessity for conducting analyzes of the previous days has been covered and work has been intensified on mass testing of citizens with coronavirus symptoms or those belonging to the circle of contact persons with the launch of the practice of express testing. 2716 samples were examined and, respectively, 1119 cases were identified during 4 days. So far, the hospital network is coping with the influx of patients. 83% of the bed capacity is occupied (taking into account the conservation of the branch on the basis of the Spartak camp). In the coming days, a large discharge of recovered citizens is expected. The PMR Ministry of Health can do without treatment for COVID-19 carriers at home with such dynamics. In case the situation worsens, a detailed action plan is being worked out to introduce the institution of home isolation and controlled medical care without placing infected persons without pronounced symptoms of coronavirus in hospitals in the general system of countering the pandemic. One of today's working meetings under the President will be devoted to this issue.

As for the distribution of patients between the central infectious diseases hospitals and branches: the President instructed the chief doctors to conduct monitoring, and to transfer patients who do not need complex treatment to institutions adapted for medical isolation (Suvorov School, cadet corps, "Dnestrovskie Zori"), and those whose condition requires medical supervision, send to head hospitals. Intensive care unit is being opened on the basis of the capital infectious diseases hospital in connection with the increase in the number of seriously ill patients. 15 appropriately equipped beds will be prepared. Tomorrow the new department will be provided with fifty oxygen tanks.

They talked about the lack of heparin in some medical institutions when discussing the provision of health care facilities with drugs, individual means of protection and medical equipment. The President instructed the Ministry of Health to provide a nationwide reserve of the drug. Another important purchase for the republic - 100000 rapid antigen tests. Vadim Krasnoselsky called for prudent use of them. This volume should be sufficient until at least spring. When the President asked why, in the presence of tests that involve conducting a study within 15-20 minutes, the practice of keeping citizens in hospitals awaiting the results of analysis for the presence of COVID-19 in the body (there are now 173 people) remains, the Minister of Health explained, that these are citizens whose rapid antigen test gave a negative result, but the symptomatology signals the likelihood of coronavirus infection. In these patients, an additional classical PCR test was taken.

One of the commercial organizations purchased 4000 doses of a Chinese herbal preparation for the needs of the PMR Ministry of Health. The medicine is intended for the treatment of asymptomatic and easily patients with mild illness. This is for 2000 people. The issue of purchasing the drug through the Ministry of Health is also being discussed.

Organization of the educational process in the pandemic was discussed at the meeting. For example, a draft program of preferential loans for citizens for the purchase of computer equipment necessary for schoolchildren to fully participate in the educational process on distance. The President supported the initiative. Another government proposal is to provide computers that were freed up after the re-equipment of schools for use by students who do not have the necessary equipment at home. It is proposed to organize, in compliance with all security measures, local training places at the sites of educational institutions. Both issues are being worked out.

The President emphasized that the format will remain at least until the end of the school term regarding the prospects for changing the mechanism of organizing the educational process in the republic. Further decisions will be made as appropriate. The data of the last four days on morbidity in teaching and educational teams are as follows: 40 cases were identified among kindergarten staff and 12 infected pupils, 26 school staff and 44 students. In such a situation, talking about easing quarantine measures and reformatting the educational process is inappropriate, the President considers. According to him, the preservation of people's life and health remains the fundamental factor in making decisions.