The Operational Headquarters Meeting

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the death rate in Pridnestrovie has declined. The number of deaths during the five months of this year is 7.5% (217 cases) less than in the same period of 2019. This indicates the effectiveness of preventive measures taken at the state level, was noted during today's Operational Headquarters meeting under the PMR President. As for the indicators related to COVID-19, 989 cases of infection are registered in the republic during the entire period. 59 people are awaiting test results. 38 citizens who became infected with coronavirus due to other diseases died (mortality rate 3.8%). 566 Pridnestrovians (57.2% of the number of cases) coped with COVID-19. 8126 tests were examined in the laboratory, 713 of them in the past four days. During this time, 25 carriers of the virus were detected, twice as many cases of recovery. Rapid testing is actively practiced, which covers various categories of citizens. The significant prevalence of the number of recovering over the number of detected carriers of the virus during mass testing of the population confirms that the chosen tactics to combat the spread of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie is quite effective. The state of emergency is still operating in the republic, the entry of foreigners is restricted, and the state of Pridnestrovian citizens who have returned to their homeland from abroad is carefully monitored. Over the past four days, 194 residents of the republic moved to Pridnestrovie, all of them are in conditions of self-isolation. Totally, there are 1867 quarantined people in the PMR. Inspection visits are ongoing. 113 citizens were brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the regime of self-isolation during several days, and in total during the period of restrictive measures - 1647 people.

A gradual easing of quarantine restrictions is continuing in the republic. From today, dentists and employees of dispensaries who have not reached retirement age have begun work. Institutions in these areas work strictly by appointment. Sports sections that cultivate sports are returning to the system, classes which are possible in the fresh air. The beginning of summer was also met with renewed sales from open flower counters. Local produce will appear on the markets tomorrow. On Thursday, the opening of terraces of summer cafes is planned. While in a limited mode - with a minimum (up to 4 people) the number of visitors at the table and mandatory distance (the distance between the tables is not less than three meters). The Operational Headquarters consider it appropriate to partially resume public transport. Trolleybuses will run to deliver employees of enterprises to the place of work. The heads of state administrations will have to request information about the needs, create roll-up lists and organize limited movement of electric transport along strictly established routes. Access to fixed-route taxis is the next step. A decision in this regard will be made on Thursday. By this time, specialists will prepare a legal framework with a painted mechanism. The proposed implementation date is the beginning of next week. We are talking only about city routes.

The initiative of the President announced at today's meeting: when taking into account seniority, count the citizens directly involved in anticoronavirus activity, the time of work (service) in contact with COVID-19 media at the rate of three days. Proposal supported by members of the Operational Headquarters. The relevant documents are being prepared.

Participants in the meeting heard reports of the chief doctors of the largest medical institutions and coronavirus hospitals of the republic on the situation on the ground. In general, the situation is regular.