Operational Headquarters meeting: current issues

The data of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus, announced at the morning meeting: 398 people undergo treatment in Pridnestrovian coronavirus hospitals, one citizen of the PMR is in a Chisinau hospital, 32 infected citizens died, 360 recovered. Totally 791 facts of the infection were registered in the republic. Mortality is 3.8%. During the pandemic, 5234 analysis were taken from citizens for the COVID-19. 1873 residents of the republic are in controlled self-isolation. 140 people were brought to responsibility for violation of quarantine requirements.

Taking into account the favorable COVID situation in the village Varnitsa and the the "Severny" microdistrict of Bendery, which are in strict controlled isolation, in the course of the meeting of the Presidential Operations Headquarters, a decision was made to soften quarantine measures. Citizens of the PMR registered in the designated territories are allowed to leave from today, moving in personal vehicles to Bendery. They must have a passport with indicating the place of registration. Family members, close relatives and cohabitants are allowed in the car. Procedure for measuring the temperature of departing and entering citizens is obligatory. Pridnestrovians who are not registered in Varnitsa and the Severny microdistrict are still restricted from entering.

News for employees and students of driving schools: the decision of the Headquarters allowed the practical training in driving vehicles. Compliance with quarantine requirements is obligatory.

Closed attention was given to closed-type social institutions. On behalf of the President, employees and wards undergo a rapid testing procedure, inspection bodies monitor the implementation of quarantine requirements. Inspection visits revealed a significant number of violations. Measures are taken to quickly rectify the situation. The most problematic was the Bendery neuropsychiatric boarding house, in which 130 people were infected, 119 of which were wards. A three-level COVID hospital has been deployed on the basis of the boarding house. Taking into account the specifics of the mental state of the wards and the fact that the staff in standard conditions focuses more on household care than on the medical care of patients, the team was not ready for an independent full-fledged transition of the social institution into the medical category. The Operational Headquarters decided to place part of the sick wards of the Bendery boarding house in other medical facilities that have free areas, conditions and experience working with patients who are diagnosed with mental disorders, reduce the burden and focusing on administrative work, which is extremely important at the time of the formation of an essentially new facility to alleviate the situation. 30 people have already been delivered to the psychiatry department of the hospital in Slobodzeya. They are ready to accept another 25. 60 beds are on the basis of the specialized branch of the republican clinical hospital. Mentally ill citizens who are not infected with coronavirus are temporarily transferred to the republican psychiatric hospital located in the village of Vykhvatintsy (Rybnitsa district). All these movements will take place today. Reducing the load on the Bendery neuropsychiatric boarding school, which has become the focus of infection, will eliminate the identified violations, form a staff and start hospital work, members of the Operational Headquarters expect. The President called on the Head of the city to keep the issue under personal control, providing all possible support to the Head of the temporarily established institution Yuri Zavtur.

As for social institutions with round-the-clock stay of citizens, the quarantine measures for them are tightened and controlled. In case of infection among wards or employees, decisions will be made on the complete isolation of the institution. A temporary ban on combining jobs for employees has been introduced.

Tomorrow, Vadim Krasnoselsky will hold an expanded meeting in the mode of video conferencing, in which, in addition to members of the Operational Headquarters, all heads of closed-type social institutions will be invited.