The Operational Headquarters Meeting for Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus

Regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President opened an exchange of relevant information on the development of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection in the republic and effectiveness of measures taken to minimize it. Confirmed facts of COVID-19 disease among Pridnestrovians increased by 25. Totally, 1060 cases of infection were detected in the republic (785 of them recovered). The largest number of cases was registered in Tiraspol - 414. The second place - Bendery - 290, then Slobodzeya district - 177, Dubossary district - 101, Grigoriopol district - 40, Rybnitsa - 30. In Dnestrovsk 6 cases of infection were detected, in Kamenka - 2. For all the time 40 COVID-positive patients from Pridnestrovian hospitals died (last night, a 64-year-old Tiraspol woman died, who in addition to coronavirus, was diagnosed with a significant number of chronic diseases that significantly complicated the course of the viral disease). Mortality among carriers of coronavirus in the PMR is 3.8%. The percentage of recovered citizens in relation to the number of cases is growing (today the figure is 74%).

The gradual and controlled exit of the country from strict quarantine did not give new outbreaks of disease, members of the Operational Headquarters stated with satisfaction. The President urged not to reduce the activity of testing and preventive activities in all areas. The Head of the Operational Headquarters informed the interlocutors of 58 facts of violations of the quarantine requirements revealed during inspections of objects of the sphere of trade and services (inspectors conducted over 5000 monitoring visits during the reporting period). Self-isolated citizens are checked. There are 1832 of such people in the republic today. 84 violators of the special regime have been brought to justice for three days (1908 people during the state of emergency).

Social institutions are under special control. Violations of established norms and requirements still occur. A number of Heads of closed facilities subordinate to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor have been disciplined (they received reprimands and comments). The Heads of state administrations are ordered to personally monitor the state of affairs in these institutions. Ruslan Mova reported three laboratory-confirmed facts of infection of employees of a boarding school located in the village of Glinoie (another case of the disease was recorded in this institution earlier). 108 wards and 102 workers are tested. The facility is quarantined. The number of personnel in constant contact with the children will be temporarily minimized.

Among the special cases of COVID-19 disease that have become the subject of discussion by members of the Operational Headquarters is infection of an employee of the Rybnitsa unit of the Investigative Committee. The whole staff will be tested. Until the results of laboratory research of samples are obtained, the personnel are on self-isolation.

There are complaints from regulatory authorities and the Operational Headquarters regarding organization of the safe functioning of certain markets. The President recalled that the Heads of state headquarters are the Heads of state administrations: they are followed by organization, control, and adoption of measures. Failure to comply with the standards prescribed by the sanitary service entails the suspension of the facilities, reminded Vadim Krasnoselsky.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs hotline continues to operate. More than 2600 calls have been received over the past three days. Many of them are requests for travel outside the republic. The President instructed to clearly formulate the regulations and bring information to the public.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about upcoming graduation parties. A plan has been developed that lists 135 events dedicated to graduation. This event is thought out exclusively in open areas. Scenarios are being prepared. The quality will be evaluated not only by graduates, but also by commission, that at the end of a series of celebrations, will choose the winner of the competition for the best graduation evening in quarantine (President’s initiative). Among the organizational issues addressed to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service is the possibility of participating in a festive event without the use of protective masks. Taking into account that the festivities will be held outdoors in spacious venues that allow for safe distance, members of the Operational Headquarters considered the absence of this attribute acceptable. The first certificate and diploma ceremonies will take place today. Holidays will be completed, which will be held for each educational institution separately, on the 20th of June. Graduation parties are not planned for June 19th. This date is tragic for Pridnestrovians - Bendery Tragedy Day. The PMR defenders who gave their lives for the independence of Pridnestrovie, and civilians who died as a result of Moldovan aggression will be remembered in the republic. The main commemorative events will be held in Bendery. The program is designed taking into account quarantine restrictions.

Five health camps are preparing to receive young visitors. This year only pupils of closed social institutions (457 young people) will rest there. Children will be at summer grounds only after all conditions have been created for their safe stay there. Estimated date of first arrival is June 18th.