The President spent the afternoon in Rybnitsa district

The President paid special attention to healthcare facilities in Rybnitsa district as in neighboring Kamenka. The Central Republican Hospital is among the inspected institutions. The President examined the reconstructed buildings of the central district hospital. The four-story building of the children's department, designed to accommodate 40 stationary beds and an outpatient reception of two hundred people, is put in order. Built in 1978, it has long been in need of repair. The Moldavian Metallurgical Plant volunteered to assist in the implementation of a socially significant project. The bulk of the work has been completed. The building was not only renovated, but also expanded: a reception and a play area for young patients were placed in a two-story additional building. The institution is functioning. It was commissioned in December last year. The department again accepts children for inpatient treatment today after removal of strict quarantine. Now there are five small patients in the wards. It remains to repair one side of the facade, to improve the territory and carry out finishing work in the physiotherapy department, said the chief doctor of the Central Republican Hospital Vladimir Ivaschenko. The implementation requires one million rubles. The president took control of the issue.

The Head of the medical institution shared other plans for the future with the President. He considers it extremely necessary to expand the main medical building of the hospital due to the superstructure of the third floor. It is supposed to equip the operating unit in additional room. To date, this unit is located in a building built in 1961 that was inadequate in either area or technical characteristics. Arguing the need for construction, the chief physician Vladimir Ivaschenko drew the President's attention to the fact that on the basis of the Rybnitsa Central District Hospital, medical services are provided not only to residents of Rybnitsa, but also to residents of neighboring villages, as well as Dubossary and Kamenka districts. 3200-3400 operations are performed here annually. The issue price is 2 million rubles.

Three-year reconstruction of the infection department of the Rybnitsa Central District Hospital was completed this year. The two-story building, built in 1972 and expanded in 1985, has not been renovated for more than thirty years. Thanks to the fund of capital investment program, they started overhaul in the summer of 2018. Not only walls and roofs were updated, but also all engineering and communication systems, and the surrounding area was landscaped. The implementation of socially significant infrastructure project cost the state 8.2 million rubles. The chief doctor shared his feelings, noting that the institution had not looked so fresh since the opening in the early 80s of the last century. He also spoke about the positive impression that the infectious department of the Rybnitsa Hospital made on Russian inspectors who visited during the coronavirus quarantine.

Repair of medical outpatient clinic located in the village of Zhura required lower financial costs, but no less significant capital. Three settlements - Zhura, Butuchany, Mikhailovka (total coverage with medical care - 3250 people) are served in this dispensary. The building where the medical facility is located was built in 1938. Until recently, it was heated by a stove. There was no hot water and sewage in the dispensary; the roof was leaking. Locals say that once there was a stable in these walls. To date, the premises have been repaired, the building is covered with corrugated board, window and door blocks, electricity and water supply networks have been replaced, and a sewage system has been equipped.

Another striking example of updating rural infrastructure is the construction of a feldsher-midwife station in the village of Mokra. This is a kind of pilot project. The medical facility served residents of the villages of Mokra, Shevchenko, Bessarabka and Zaporozhets (1260 people) was located in a building erected almost six decades ago. In 2004, it was recognized as emergency, but the possibility of reconstruction was never found. Only in 2018, it was decided to build a new building for the medical and obstetrical station. It was put into operation in April last year. The compact building of a modular type with an area of ​​37 square meters, unlike the previous one, is provided with all communication systems. Сhildren and treatment rooms have been improved. The entrance is equipped with a ramp for comfortable movement. An innovation for the medical and obstetrical station is day hospital. The project cost is 178 thousand rubles. It only took a week to put it into practice, the Chief Physician of the Rybnitsa Central Hospital told the President. The plans include the creation of such modular outpatient clinics in other localities of the region.

The President praised the work of the Rybnitsa Health Administration, noting the activity, care and practicality of the approach to the performance of official duties aimed at ensuring public health.