Military parade on the main square of the Pridnestrovian capital

The military parade dedicated to the 29th anniversary of Pridnestrovian independence began under the inviting sounds of fanfare. The parade was commanded by the head of the Main Headquarters of the Armed Forces of the PMR Sergey Gerasyutenko. The troops were reviewed by the Minister of Defense of the PMR Oleg Obruchkov. After congratulations on the anniversary of the establishment of Pridnestrovie, the head of the republic’s defense department reported to the PMR Armed Forces Commander Vadim Krasnoselsky about the readiness of the Tiraspol garrison troops to hold military parade.

The President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vadim Krasnoselsky addressed the parade participants — the Cadets, Suvorov, soldiers, sergeants, ensigns, officers, generals, and all Pridnestrovians with a congratulatory speech. He recalled that the republic was created by the will of the multinational Pridnestrovian people, and on September 2, 1990 went down in history as a symbol of the triumph of the unity of people fighting for their rights and future. The President spoke about the viability and development of modern Pridnestrovie and the challenges facing the country and its leadership. The President called the people the main wealth of the republic. He spoke of the Pridnestrovian army as a truly national army. Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed special thanks to the defenders of the PMR, as well as to the Russian Federation, for their support and implementation of the peacekeeping mission.

During the military parade more than 1,200 military personnel, employees and students of institutions and units of the republic’s power ministries and departments march along the square, named after the great commander Suvorov, who founded Tiraspol. The Pridnestrovians, who were proudly watching the current and future defenders minting a step, were told that many of today's cadets, Suvorov, cadets of the Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense and the Tiraspol juridical institute of the PMR Ministry of Internal Affairs are continuers of glorious military dynasties. The fathers and grandfathers of the young participants in the military parade defended the Pridnestrovian land in its most difficult times. In addition to the units traditional for the Pridnestrovian parades, rescuers first entered the square this year - a ceremonial units of the Main Department for Emergency Situations.

An integral part of official celebrations of national importance is the demonstration of the Guard of Honor. The parade was presented by the military, drafted into the armed forces a few months ago. The short training period did not prevent them from presenting a vivid program with a demonstration of the complex elements of special-combatant techniques with weapons. Musical accompaniment of the parade was provided by the Military Band of the Ministry of Defense of the PMR. It includes brass bands of the Tiraspol garrison. The main conductor is the holder of the order "For Service to the Homeland", People's Artist of the PMR Vitaly Voynov.

At the end of the military parade, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the PMR, the President Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked the commanders of the military units, and in their person all the participants of the parade for their service and excellent preparation.