Water, light and roads: need, opportunities and plans for 2021

Plans for 2021 on water supply, street lighting and road repair were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky invited the leadership of the presidential executive office, the PMR Government, state administrations and specialized enterprises - ERES and Water Supply and Sanitation to the working discussion.

Chairman of the Government Alexander Martynov noted in his report that the practice of paying off the inter-tariff difference by the state allowed energy suppliers to significantly increase investment, which in turn led to a significant decrease in the costs of these items in the republican budget.

Speaking about the need for investments in the water supply sector, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Obolonik announced the amount of 137 million rubles. The breakdown by districts is as follows: Kamenka - 43 million, Rybnitsa - 68 million, Slobodzeya (plus villages adjacent to Tiraspol) - 13 million, Bendery and villages referred to it - 9 million, Grigoriopol district – 1.3 million, Dubossary – 3.4 million rubles. If by the end of this year they spend 37 million, then the issue of investing 52 million rubles is being considered for 2021. 22 million of them are planned to be directed to the needs of the capital, 8.7 million - to Bendery, amounts from two to three million - Dubossary, Grigoriopol, Rybnitsa, Kamenka, 6.5 million - for water supply to villages. At the insistence of the President at today's meeting, the discussion was carried out pointwise - for each name of the settlement, indicating the required amounts. The list of facilities for which water supply is of paramount importance was expanded in the course of the discussion. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that it is impossible to solve all the problems that have been accumulating for decades overnight, especially in the existing financial circumstances complicated by the pandemic. Nevertheless, the work is underway and will continue until water appears in the house of every Pridnestrovian family, the President pointed out. It was noted at the meeting that the volume and quality of work carried out by water utility has grown significantly.

The implementation of the street lighting program for republic's settlements does not stop either. The task set by the President is to illuminate the roads, territories adjacent to educational institutions, leisure zones, as well as all central and diagonal streets of not only cities, but also villages. The corresponding program assumes implementation during 2018-2022. For the next meeting, detailed information should be prepared in the context of each settlement on objects already illuminated and awaiting their turn.

As for the Pridnestrovian roads: the sums allocated from the fund for the year will be distributed by local administrations. So far, the state cannot fully satisfy the requests coming from the localities due to their exorbitance in comparison with budgetary possibilities. Nevertheless, the Road Fund is being formed. Its funds will be directed to the repair of the road surface, the paving of pedestrian zones and areas adjacent to schools, kindergartens and other social institutions with paving slabs. For information: 34 schoolyards and a dozen other sites were put in order in 2019 (24 million rubles were spent); this year 28 million are to be spent for these purposes, next year it is planned to allocate 22 million from the Road Fund. 88 million is the estimated fund limits directly for road repairs. The amounts are being discussed. When making final decisions, it is important to hear the opinion of the heads of state administrations, recalled Vadim Krasnoselsky.