Vadim Krasnoselsky, “The law on state support for business and the public during the state of emergency should be working”

The conversation on the practical implementation of the law “On state support during the state of emergency of 2020” was initiated by the President on the basis of numerous appeals from citizens to the Government and to the Crisis Center hotline, created to help residents of Pridnestrovie during the confrontation the spread of coronavirus. Quarantine-restrictive measures unsettled a huge number of citizens and business entities. The measures named in the law were taken to help. The Government adopted an appropriate decree, the implementation of which has already begun. In practice, there were a lot of questions, the answers to which sometimes vary, which causes misunderstanding and tension in society. Vadim Krasnoselsky gathered the officials involved in this work for the meeting in the format of a video conference.

The keynote speaker was the PMR Chairman of the Government. Alexander Martynov said that the payment of benefits for March had begun, individual entrepreneurs had to stand idle (the size of the payment for the full month is 1647 rubles). 1263 patent holders received the money. 300 applications are in the work. At the same time, it was noted during the meeting that there were cases of refusal of applicants to receive benefits. Arguments are far from clear to everyone. The President called for clear rules to be formulated and made available to the public, noting that the rule of law is fundamental and emphasizing that the approach should be fair. Members of the specially created Coordination Council in the near future will meet in an extended meeting to establish a running mechanism. In addition, the President instructed the PMR Prosecutor's Office to analyze the norms of the government resolution, to which the parliamentarians had many questions, and to assess the compliance of its provisions with the current legislation.

Such measures to support business as subsidizing small organizations that pay employees wages during downtime, and lending at a meager percentage (from 0 to 1%) of small enterprises to pay workers were discussed in the course of the meeting under the President. So far, no one has applied for compensatory subsidies. Loans issued by two firms. 15 applications are pending.

As regards assistance to citizens, today the delivery of grocery sets to families in which children are brought up, who under standard circumstances receive food free of charge or on favorable terms in schools and kindergartens, should be completed. There are 20000 of them in the republic. The Heads will report on the fulfillment of the task. The President urged not to disregard other citizens who found themselves in a difficult life situation - to consider each request individually and make decisions in private.

Vadim Krasnoselsky called state authorities for consolidation, emphasizing that the support of Pridnestrovian people in the difficult period for everyone is an additional reason to join efforts. The President emphasized that the law on state support for business and the public during the state of emergency should be working.