Vadim Krasnoselsky held the Operational Headquarters meeting

The planned meeting of the Operational Headquarters for the Prevention of the Spread of the Virus in the PMR was held in the form of a video conference. Leadership of the Headquarters, legislative and executive branches of government, ministries and departments directly or indirectly involved in anti-virus work participated in the video conference. Ruslan Mova announced operational information on the development of the situation. Currently, there are 80 people in Slobodzeya hospital. Four of them are children. Seven out of 38 results obtained over the last day from the Chisinau laboratory were positive. Among them there are samples of the deceased patient. Thus, 24 cases of COVID-19 were registered in Pridnestrovie.

COVID-19 has not been laboratory-confirmed for another woman who died in Slobodzeya hospital, a resident of Slobodzeya, who has been diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia with diabetes mellitus. There was no coronavirus infection in the body of a deceased 70-year-old patient, who was also hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia along with renal failure, Ruslan Mova informed the meeting participants.

The Head of Operational Headquarters said that the burial of deceased with coronavirus would take place with the adoption of special precautions. A list of recommendations has already been developed.

On the eve, 56 of the PMR citizens entered the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, 40 left the republic. The flow of calls to the hotline is not running out. On the eve, over 1100 were received (a total of 13500 calls were recorded). Disinfection of premises and public places continues: for sanitation of 8700 rooms 42 tons of disinfectant were consumed. No quarantine violations were registered among trade organizations (1210 objects checked per day). It was not revealed according to the results of the control measures carried out by the employees of the Department for Economic Crimes and the facts of overpricing. Private individuals are less conscious: according to the results of 1200 yesterday’s inspections of citizens who are ordered to isolate themselves, 9 people were held accountable for violation of the requirements of the special legal regime (59 during the state of emergency).

A new functional for employees of the internal affairs bodies is verification of medical institutions for compliance by medical personnel with restrictive and protective measures. The President instructed to pay increased attention to this area, as practice has shown that it is not always necessary to rely on the consciousness of doctors. This was confirmed by inspection visits to medical facilities carried out by the leadership of the headquarters throughout the republic yesterday and today. It was decided not to recommend, but by order, to ban physicians from taking citizens visiting clinics for reasons not related to the provision of emergency medical care. A special talk about the opening or receipt of sick leave: the headquarters introduced a ban on the execution of these documents in the registries of medical institutions. In the absence of technical feasibility of electronic document management, the application should be accepted by telephone, and the form should be delivered to the recipient's address. The need to find specialized doctors in the offices is reduced to zero, in connection with which duty will be organized in the institutions, and the remaining doctors will be maximally involved in the medical care of citizens at home - on call.

Another topic that is gaining more relevance is laboratory research on the analysis of citizens for the detection of coronavirus. Taking into consideration the active spread of the virus and the growing demand for this type of research, Moldova may at some point not cope with diagnostics. Pridnestrovie should be ready for any development of events; therefore it is necessary to make every possible effort to organize laboratory research within the country, the President aimed. On his behalf, a working group of specialized specialists representing various institutions has been created, which is already studying the internal capabilities of the state. Several potential databases are being considered. The experience of other states is being studied. Tomorrow the working group will leave for Chisinau to consult with Moldovan colleagues. At the same time, consultations are being held with Belarusian specialists.

Among the primary tasks set by the President is the organization of the maximum number of beds in different points of the republic in case of mass spread of the virus. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, it is necessary to prepare the base for the simultaneous placement of at least 2000 people. The President emphasized that all bureaucratic procedures should go by the wayside: the main thing now is to put in order, equip, provide with protective equipment, equipment and medicines all potential sites of medical isolators. Staffing is also important, emphasized Vadim Krasnoselsky. The headquarters accumulates information about the capabilities and needs of all medical institutions of this kind.

They talked about food security at the meeting. In the context of global import restrictions, it is necessary to revise export policies, the PMR President considers. According to him, the state needs reserves in case of a protracted international quarantine caused by a pandemic. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to create a commission under the government, without whose permission the export of food products from Pridnestrovie would be impossible. With regard to domestic trade, in order to minimize interpersonal contacts, the sale of goods from warehouses to citizens and the practice of pickup by the buyer of goods are prohibited. Accessible mechanism for targeted delivery of the purchase remains.

Citizens deprived of the possibility of earning a livelihood, as well as idle business entities, will be provided with state support due to the introduction of a state of emergency. The measures proposed by the government, including the issue of grocery sets to families in which children who were fed in schools and kindergartens at the expense of state support, are being discussed in the Supreme Council. Relevant legislations will be considered tomorrow. The consideration of the work agenda will be preceded by the Second Extraordinary Plenary Session dedicated to the discussion of the President’s decree on the extension of the special legal regime in Pridnestrovie.