Vadim Krasnoselsky held meeting on implementation of the Capital Investment Fund program

The meeting initiated by Vadim Krasnoselsky, organized as a videoconference, was attended by the leadership of the Presidential Administration, the PMR Government and a number of ministries, as well as the heads of state administrations of cities and regions of the republic. The topic is the implementation of the Capital Investment Fund 2020 program. Opening the discussion, the President emphasized that the socially significant project, which had started in 2018, continues to operate, despite the difficult circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The heads of state administrations objectively went through the program of the Capital Investment Fund, listing the locations where work continues in the established mode, as well as naming objects whose construction and repair have been reasonably suspended. In the near future (approximately May 15), the premises of the reception department of the Bendery city hospital and the building of venereologic dispensary (Tiraspol) will be commissioned. The commissioning on June 19 (the day of the Bendery tragedy) of socially significant objects located in Bendery has become a good tradition. It is planned that this year it will be a rowing base. A significant number of improvements awaits the republic by the beginning of autumn. Schools and kindergartens are preparing for new school year, cultural and sports facilities, as well as park and recreational areas, are being improved for the country's anniversary. Along the line of the Ministry of Health, 34 objects are in operation. An important point: the forced suspension of financing from the Capital Investment Fund does not affect medical institutions, it was noted during the workshop.