Vadim Krasnoselsky chaired the meeting on issues raised by Pridnestrovians during presidential meetings

Vadim Krasnoselsky invited the leadership of the PMR Government, the Supreme Council, a number of ministries and departments, as well as Heads of State Administrations of towns and districts to the working meeting, organized in videoconference. They talked about the topics raised by the Pridnestrovians during the presidential meetings with the public. Current instructions have been given. The Ministry of Health, for example, was recommended to establish systematic interaction with students, management and the teaching staff of specialized educational institutions – the medical faculty of the Pridnestrovian State University and the medical colleges of Tiraspol and Bendery. A schedule of meetings for the new academic year will be developed. The President considers that constant and closer contact of the department with future doctors and the administration of educational institutions will help build a more effective training system. Another medical issue is progress in the organization of endoprosthetics on the territory of Pridnestrovie. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that such a task had been set earlier. The Minister of Health informed that four specialists completed the relevant training course in 2020. The purchase of the necessary equipment is planned for 2021. The endoprosthetics department will start accepting patients by the end of the year – about 80 people a year if force majeure does not happen. This work will be of a planned nature in the future. Taking into consideration that there are more than eight hundred citizens in line today who need hip joint prosthetics, the practice of sending them abroad will remain. The budget for next year provides funds for the provision of this type of medical services to 400 patients. The issue with this coverage will be closed within two years.

The fate of the Grigoriopol Mine State Unitary Enterprise was discussed at the meeting. Vadim Krasnoselsky considers that the enterprise deserves attention. It is necessary to give an expert assessment of the effectiveness of management. The indicators of profitability of the enterprise are abrupt. Now the unitary enterprise is again in debt. Moreover, its products – building stone – are of high quality. The PMR President asked about the technical equipment. According to the Minister of Economic Development, only two of the 16 available stone cutting machines are in service. A detailed report will be presented to the President shortly.

A specially created commission prepares an opinion on the state of the infrastructure of the Slobodzeya sports school. One of the pupils of the Secondary Children's and Youth School No. 1 said in the course of the meeting with the President that the building needs renovation. Vadim Krasnoselsky visited this facility. Work orders have already been given. Funds for repairs are being sought both from the local budget and from the capital investment fund.

The Head of the State Administration of Tiraspol and the State Sports Service were instructed to resolve the issue of paying for the training of professional swimmers in the pool of the Sheriff sports complex. This is necessary when preparing for serious international competitions. The length of the city pool bowl (25 m), in which athletes train for free, is not enough.

At the request of the public, the state media will periodically publish information on the results of the government's activities as well as key economic indicators and data on pricing in the republic. Summary tables of prices for socially important goods were instructed to send on a systematic basis twice a month for information and to the Advisory Assembly (this is a request from the first Pridnestrovian deputies).

Another topic of the meeting included in the agenda on the basis of incoming appeals from representatives of public organizations is the active involvement of WWII veterans, Afghans, liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, participants in the 1992 war, widows and mothers of the deceased defenders of the PMR in educational and patriotic activities. Educational institutions and commanders of military units are recommended to more often invite them to open lessons, thematic round tables, and collective meetings.