Vadim Krasnoselsky held an expanded meeting of the Operational Headquarters

Meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus was held today in an expanded format. The President invited the chief physicians of the central medical institutions of cities and regions of the republic to the working conversation. According to Vadim Krasnoselsky, direct contact with them causes a complete and clear idea of ​​the situation on the ground, real opportunities and needs of Pridnestrovian healthcare, and most importantly, to quickly respond and solve problems. In addition, systematic direct interaction ensures that the chief physicians are aware of the decisions taken by the Headquarters.

Information on coronavirus in the PMR at the time of the meeting: 338 cases of infection, 16 dead, 23 recovered. The highest concentration of virus carriers in the center of the republic: the incidence of COVID-19 among Tiraspol residents is 57% of the total, 20% of the infected are residents of Slobodzeya district. In this regard, the readiness of the capital to receive an additional number of infected patients is of particular relevance. In addition to the surgical department of the Republican Clinical Hospital, other buildings of the Republican Clinical Hospital are also equipped, 500 beds are ready. On behalf of the President, other options for the placement of hospitals in Tiraspol for the treatment of COVID patients are considered.

Coronavirus laboratory operates on the territory of the Republican Clinical Hospital. The first full day of work was held for employees non-stop. The biomaterials of 63 patients were studied. One shift processes three dozen samples in 6-7 hours. Taking into consideration the need for research, there is a need to work on weekends. The planned rapid testing is also carried out in working order. Pridnestrovians who arrived by bus from Moscow and St. Petersburg are among the checked citizens. Today, the PMR citizens are expected to return to their homeland, taking the opportunity of air travel from Moscow to Chisinau. All of them will also be tested at the border.

They spoke in the course of the meeting about protecting medical staff. Regulatory legal acts of the Ministry of Health imputed mandatory daily briefing of health workers on the use of personal protective equipment. Training lectures will be conducted remotely for volunteers who work at coronavirus centers. A number of ministries of the power bloc handed over lists of representatives of personnel who wish to participate in anti-coronavirus activities as junior medical workers.

Another event, the announcement of which is extremely necessary, is blood donation. Health care in the republic suffer from its shortage, it was noted in the course of the Operational Headquarters meeting. They discussed issues related to the medical treatment of coronavirus. Specialists informed the President about several positively proven schemes in other states and schemes successfully tested in Pridnestrovie using various medicines. The President asked about availability of medicines. They talked about additional deliveries expected in the near future. They are also waiting for new batches of respirators, goggles, sets of disposable protective clothing and gloves from abroad. Consumption of the latter is very large. On behalf of Vadim Krasnoselsky, gloves will be delivered to medical facilities that were stored as an untouchable reserve. It will be replenished after the arrival of imported products. Among socially significant cargoes moving towards Pridnestrovie there is a hundred pulse oximeters - devices that allow controlling blood oxygen saturation.

Returning to the topic of training, retraining of specialists, exchange of experience, the PMR Minister of Health Elena Kulichenko announced the negotiations that are conducted with Moscow clinics specializing in treatment of patients with COVID-19.

They raised the topic of education in the course of the meeting of Operational Headquarters. The learning process for schoolchildren will continue. The Ministry of Education insists on this, noting that the school curriculum should be fulfilled in full, despite the special conditions.

Working consultations in areas continue during the day. The President holds video conferencing meetings.