Vadim Krasnoselsky held a working meeting with members of the Operational Headquarters

Topics that have become traditional, related to the coronavirus and current issues of the vital activity of cities and regions of the republic were discussed at the Presidential meeting, held in the form of a video conference. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked, for example, the leadership of the Slobodzeya administration about the situation with the ignition of solid household waste at the Chobruchi landfill. The fire appeared Saturday night. Three fire brigades worked on its liquidation - from Slobodzeya, Dnestrovsk and Pervomaisk. The main task was to prevent the spread of fire in the direction of the forest and protect the nearby walnut grove from fire, the deputy head of the Slobodzeya administration said. According to him, now the landfill is being reclaimed, the area of ​​which is 5 hectares. Previously, efforts and funds were mainly focused on creating a new solid waste landfill. Its launch is scheduled for the end of this year. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed the government to take special control of both the reclamation of the existing one and construction of a new one in Chobruchi.

Another incident, the causes and consequences of which the President asked at the meeting, was a fire in a rehabilitation center located in the village of Novaya Mikhailovka, of the Rybnitsa District. There, as a result of the fire, when using the bathing sector equipped on the second floor, the roof burned down. None of the wards of the center were injured. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to immediately allocate the necessary funds and begin roofing and restoration work. The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check the fire safety and assess the feasibility and permissibility of the bathhouse.

Regarding the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie: according to the data at the time of the meeting, 390 cases of the disease were recorded in the republic, 342 people undergo treatment in the Pridnestrovian COVID centers, 20 infected citizens died, 28 recovered. Actively identifying patients was by means of rapid tests. In the near future is testing of staff, pupils and wards of closed social institutions. The question of the appropriateness of the study of biomaterials of employees and special contractors of penal institutions was discussed at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. The President’s requirement for testing all citizens entering medical hospitals, regardless of the reasons for treatment and symptoms, is unconditional. Volunteers from among the military, who are at the disposal of the chief physicians will donate blood for the detection of COVID-19. There are 76 of them to date. All of them have gone through a distance educational training workshop. The implementation of new responsibilities for themselves will begin on April 28. These citizens, like the rest of the coronavirus hospital staff, will live in isolation from their families. They will be provided not only with temporary housing, but also with food. Vadim Krasnoselsky, expressing gratitude to the volunteers, emphasized that personal protection is fundamental. The briefing should be duplicated at the place of medical service, the President emphasized, recalling that neglect of basic means of protection is fraught with inevitable consequences.

They spoke at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters about new arrivals of the individual protection equipment. 1000 units of protective suits, goggles and respirators arrived in the republic. 10% will remain as a reserve disposal of the Operational Headquarters, the rest should be immediately distributed to medical facilities, the President said. He informed the interlocutors that the next deliveries from abroad are expected in the near future, including 30,000 express tests. At the same time, the of the PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev informed members of the Operational Headquarters about new facts of blocking by Moldova of goods import transported to Pridnestrovie. Since April 25, there is a vehicle on the border that is transporting a 3D printer to the republic, which is necessary for use in healthcare in the pandemic.

Among the issues raised at the meeting are the disposal of things and soft equipment used by infected citizens. The use of these items is unacceptable after discharge from the hospitals, was emphasized during the working discussion. According to Ruslan Mova, an instruction for the disposal has been developed, the follow-up of which is mandatory.

Having listened to the report of the chief sanitary doctor of the republic on coronavirus dynamics, which indicates that the incidence rate was on the decline, the President instructed to monitor the situation and at the same time prepare to mitigate quarantine measures in the republic. If further indicators confirm that the peak incidence rate has been reached, then the republic can gradually be withdrawn from the conditions of strict isolation of citizens. The Operational Headquarters and the Government have been tasked with developing a plan for the phased relaxation of restrictive measures. Its implementation will begin with the successful development of events.