Vadim Krasnoselsky inspected a number of facilities in Bendery included in the capital investment fund program

A visit to Bendery was included to the working schedule of the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky, accompanied by the Head of local administration Roman Ivanchenko and the Head of the Department of Construction, Architecture and Road Facilities Ivan Untu, inspected the progress of work at several construction sites of the town. Among them there is rowing base at the rowing school named after N. Tufanyuk. The infrastructure of the water sports center, which was created more than forty years ago on the Dniester River was fallen into disrepair and required immediate reconstruction. An object whose social significance is undeniable was included in the capital investment program. The deadline for commissioning is clearly defined: June 19, 2020. The regatta held on the Day of the Bendery Tragedy in memory of the sportsmen who died defending Pridnestrovie is traditional. It was planned that this year the start will be given from the updated base. In the conditions of the virus that is still actively spreading, it is too early to say whether a traditional memorial event will take place. The gift for Bendery by this date should be ready in any case, the President emphasized. Vadim Krasnoselsky examined the repaired three-story building of the former rescue station, on the basis of which a sports complex was designed. The project provides for training facilities, administrative rooms, hotel rooms and a cultural and leisure room. The renovated outbuilding will equip a hall for game sports - basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. There are rooms for showers and locker rooms.

Vadim Krasnoselsky during the inspection gave a number of recommendations and instructions related to the improvement of the rowing base. In the near future, dilapidated one-story buildings will be demolished or put in order for further safe operation. A new boathouse will be built to store kayaks and canoes. A cozy arbor will appear in the courtyard under the willow tree. As for other trees, it is necessary to assess their condition and eliminate those that will be considered unsafe. They talked about the need to construct a fence. The President drew attention to the path already laid with colored paving tiles, emphasizing that the road leading to the base should also be put in order.

Discussing the topic of road repair, they mentioned the purchase of a mill for the needs of the city, which allows remove old asphalt and reuse it as a component for a new layer of road surface. Having changed the schedule for inspecting Bendery facilities, the President arrived at the place where this equipment worked today. They demonstrated it to the President in action, noting that modern technology is easy to use and effective.