Vadim Krasnoselsky, "Walking in the fresh air and the most family-friendly holiday in a narrow family circle - this will be a safe New Year 2021"

Ruslan Mova in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters reported to the President about yesterday's incident in the republican clinical hospital. A short circuit occurred in one of the buildings of the quarantine hospital, due to an overload of the internal power grid, as a result of which there was no electricity for an hour. The most dangerous situation was for patients in the intensive care unit - they are connected to oxygen concentrators. The medical staff worked quickly, ensuring the safety of the patients, Ruslan Mova stated. He informed about the work planned for today to determine the level of energy consumed by medical equipment, the power of electrical wiring, the possibility of using an autonomous generator as an uninterruptible power supply.

Results of official checks carried out on behalf of the President at the coronavirus hospital at the Republican Clinical Hospital were discussed. According to the Minister of Health, a number of violations were identified, including the placement of oxygen cylinders in the corridors of the medical facility, the patients' self-measurement of temperature, the absence of concomitant diseases in many cards, a poor description of the patient's condition and treatment, the absence of quartz lamps at the exit from the "dirty" areas. The perpetrators will be subject to strict disciplinary action. Ten days have been allotted to eliminate violations. Vadim Krasnoselsky indicated that he received complaints about the state of the toilets in the RCH and the quality of food. These facts are also subject to investigation.

The President asked about the provision of infectious diseases hospitals with vitamin group preparations, as well as conclusions of Pridnestrovian specialists about the effectiveness of their use in the treatment of coronavirus patients. A detailed report will be prepared for the next meeting of the Operational Headquarters.

They spoke today about the practice of treating asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 at home, that started in Pridnestrovie. According to Christina Albul, 322 people preferred this method. The improvement of the new mechanism continues. An online conference with the participation of representatives of Agroprombank and the volunteer movement will take place today. They will discuss the possibility of remote payment for purchases that volunteers will carry out at the request of citizens at home. It was also noted that volunteers will be issued with special certificates of participants in the volunteer movement. It was proposed to provide them with free travel on public transport. For the coordination work, about eighty senior students of the medical faculty of PSU are involved. If necessary, it is possible to attract senior students of medical colleges to work, said Vadim Krasnoselsky. The future doctors are currently employees of the Crisis Centers. Training sessions are constantly held there for specialists. In general, the President praised the work of the centers, noting their important role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The President was informed about the detection of a focus of the disease in the Republican Specialized Orphanage (Tiraspol): eight sick employees and three children. It was decided to organize a branch of the hospital on the basis of the institution.

They also discussed the upcoming New Year holidays today – its holding in the context of the pandemic. The President emphasized that no mass events will be organized in settlements. Nevertheless, a festive atmosphere should be created, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted: streets and squares are already being decorated. On New Year's Eve and the following days of holidays, it is permissible to organize outdoor catering points. As for corporate events: by the decision of the Operational Headquarters, its holding is prohibited. There will be no children's matinees this year in cultural institutions. The maximum allowed is festive events for certain classes of elementary school and kindergarten groups (without participation of parents, animators or other persons).