Vadim Krasnoselsky talked to representatives of the Pridnestrovian Mass Media

Vadim Krasnoselsky answered questions from journalists at the end of the ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at the Memorial of Memory and Grief in Bendery. They talked about the events of 29 years ago and their displaying to the present day

“I remind you that the Moldovan parliament made a decision on an exclusively peaceful solution of the Pridnestrovian issue a few days before June 19, 1992. Observers from several states worked in Bendery. The city was unlocked, and three days later, on June 19, an open, defenseless city was invaded. At the same time, the paramilitary and police formations did not just seize the city, they destroyed it, destroyed people and material values. In fact, it was just a conspiracy, conspiracy between parliamentarians, the leadership represented by the Moldovan president and other officials and, of course, those "hawks" who stood up only for the war in Pridnestrovie, only for blood. It was a deception when parliament made the decision. Everyone knew perfectly well that the order to invade had already been given. It happened on the 19th of June. This is not just a war, there is total deception, hypocrisy, meanness. Does this require awareness, repentance? Of course it does. Do we see attempts? We do not see. Moreover, all the war criminals who committed those war crimes are heroes in Moldova. They boast of their deeds and still threaten the Pridnestrovians. Last year they threatened to cut off heads and throw bodies on the steps of the Moldovan parliament, you remember. Let's say it's just some crazy person. But where is the legal assessment of these statements? Are they ready to repent? Their actions deny this. There is no hope today.

Now it is very convenient for some Western and Moldovan politicians to tell that this is already history. I will express the opinion – my own and the opinion of the Pridnestrovian people: while there are no legal consequences, legal consciousness, legal assessment and punishment of those responsible for this massacre, for us this is not history, this is the present day. It is unlikely that the Pridnestrovian people will forget. We'll be waiting. Sooner or later, everyone comes to repentance for their actions. Neither the state structures of Moldova, nor the international structures responsible for the protection of human rights are ready for this so far. Not profitable. Therefore, we will wait. This is not history for our people, it is pain of the present day”, the PMR President noted during his communication with the press.

The President was asked about how events would have developed if Russian peacekeepers had not appeared on the Pridnestrovian land. "What would be? The war would be. The Russian peacekeepers stopped the war and saved the lives of the Moldovan invaders. Do you understand what the nuance is? Many more people would die. It is also important to remember that in addition to the peacekeepers of Russia, peacekeepers from Pridnestrovie, peacekeepers from Moldova, observers from Ukraine take part in this integrated peacekeeping mission. The basic component of course is the peacekeepers of the Russian Federation. The mission has proven its worth, the need to be present here today (taking into account the statements that are still being heard from Moldova). Everything is clear for us, Pridnestrovians: we are for peace, for peacekeepers it means, for peacekeeping”, Vadim Krasnoselsky answered.

Journalists were interested in the upcoming parliamentary elections in the neighboring republic. They asked about the planned actions of the Pridnestrovian side in terms of organizing the participation of Pridnestrovians with Moldovan citizenship in the voting. The answer of the PMR President: “My position is always clear and transparent. All citizens of Pridnestrovie who have Moldovan passports have the right to vote, go to the location of polling stations and vote. Nobody will infringe on anyone in this right. The borders are open, there are no pandemic restrictions. I cannot comment and predict how the Moldovan side will act. I sincerely wish that stability would come in Moldova, and the parliament and government structures would be formed in any case. It is very difficult for us without this. There is one chronic disease in Moldova – constant electoral processes. There are big pauses in the negotiation process when electoral processes take place. It is not good. By the way, the electoral processes in Pridnestrovie never affect the negotiation process. This is standard practice in Moldova. Let the people vote, let the people of Moldova choose their parliament and their government. We do not interfere. Pridnestrovie has its own life”.