Vadim Krasnoselsky examined medical institutions in Bendery

The PMR President, accompanied by the heads of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Administration of Bendery visited medical facilities on the basis of which it is planned to deploy, if necessary, coronavirus centers of different levels. The pediatric and gynecological hospitals of the Mother and Child Center in Bendery have significant areas, but their minus in the context of arranging infectious isolation wards is that the buildings have a single ventilation system and a common delivery and catering scheme. It is proposed to deploy a hospital for carriers of coronavirus in the premises of the Bendery city hospital. Its infectious department is designed for fifty beds (25 adults and 25 children). It will be possible to engage in an emergency and a five-story building, in which today there are several departments of non-infectious nature. This will allow one hundred people to be accepted at once, the President was informed.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked the chief physicians about the availability of protective equipment, disinfectants, medicines, and medical equipment. The President was interested in their opinion about the comfort of bathrobes and masks of local production, so that, based on the opinion of the main users, in the future to be able to improve them.

The President, the Head of the Virus Prevention Operational Headquarters, and the PMR Minister of Health continue to determine the most optimal places for potential placement of quarantine and treatment and isolation centers in the republic’s settlements.