Vadim Krasnoselsky about the inspection visit to towns and districts

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: “The work is going on the ground. I would like to highlight some spheres that require special attention. By and large, everything that I will now designate is included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund. This is our development fund. I would like to highlight preschool educational institutions, schools, as well as healthcare facilities - hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics and rural medical and obstetric centres, they also require repair, and often construction from scratch and the purchase of medical equipment, of course.

Then - repair of defense facilities, internal affairs bodies. If we talk about the power unit, the barracks, canteens and the rest of the infrastructure require repair. We are talking about the Ministry of Defense to a greater extent, to a lesser extent - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, although many facilities there also require repair.

The next section is cultural objects: Houses of culture in rural areas and everything related to additional education. Another category is sports facilities. We have good preschool education, good sports facilities, but everything needs funding. Wherever I go, I have to do something, build something. This also includes sports and leisure facilities - mini-football fields, basketball, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and workout. All this is included in the program of the Capital Investment Fund and is designed to develop the sports infrastructure. Of course, one should not forget about the park areas. As I have already told, it is necessary to ensure that every abandoned place is ennobled and serves people as a park area or sports facility.

Repair of housing and communal services, of course. This includes all networks - water supply, heating networks, electricity networks. Everything needs repair. In this area, programs are being implemented at the expense of both local and republican budgets. Very serious funds are allocated throughout the republic. You can't do without this. The overhaul that is being carried out in our republic is already visible. If earlier initiatives were criticized, arguing whether it was necessary or not, now it is clear: everything must be done. Without moving forward, it is impossible to achieve our goal - to create convenient Pridnestrovie, convenient for work, convenient for living.

Remembering the first detours, I went with you, with many colleagues, just to some dump, to some abandoned territories, to some vacant lots. Today we go there, and these are infrastructure facilities. Trees are growing, some objects are built. It's great. Everything we do will remain not only in memory, it will remain in convenience. All the conversations are idle - whether it is necessary or not - they will pass, and they will not even remember about them. And those who speak will not be remembered either. But those who do - yes. So we must continue to act. This applies to Pridnestrovie, this applies to any state. If our citizens, traveling to the countries of near and far abroad admire convenience, decoration, landscaping, culture, then why can't we admire ours? We should be better. Not in words should be better, but in deeds. So let's do at home everything that we admire somewhere. Of course, it is impossible to achieve the final result in two or three years, but there must be movement forward. We are moving forward, you can tell. And this is the main point".