Vadim Krasnoselsky, “Believe on bare word is dangerous when it comes to the security of the state and people, as practice shows”

Mourning events dedicated to the beginning of the forty-day tragedy in Bendery are taking place today in all cities and regions of the republic. They are organized with the involvement of minimum number of participants in order to protect Pridnestrovie from possible virus infection. Local leaders lay flowers at the monuments and graves of the defenders of Pridnestrovie. Official mourning ceremonies with participation of the country's leadership were held in Bendery. The presidential wreath was laid to the stele “City of Military Glory”. This monument complex is one of the most modern in the city. It was opened on the occasion of the assignment of Bendery the corresponding honorary title. Stone columns list the main milestones in the history of the heroic city. Among them there are the tragic events of 1992.

At the end of the flower-laying ceremony, the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky voiced his attitude to the events of 28 years ago and occurring today:

The invasion of Bendery- was a real military invasion. Bendery opposed not only police forces, but also armed forces of Moldova. It is impossible to say that the so-called constitutional order was imposed here, because the very “establishment of order” categorically contradicted the Constitution of Moldova. Why? Because military force cannot be used against civilians.

Another important factor: literally two days before June 19, before the day of the invasion, the Parliament of Moldova decided on an exclusively peaceful settlement of the Pridnestrovian conflict. As a result of this decision, Bendery was unblocked, posts from the main directions were removed. Toward the evening of the 19th, from three sides, precisely from the sides where the city was opened, the armed formations of Moldova broke into. The murder of civilians began - women, the elderly, residents of Bendery. What do you call it? Meanness, deceit, cynicism? Any person who has the slightest knowledge of military affairs and has a military education will say for sure that it was impossible to prepare an invasion of Pridnestrovie, Bendery in one day. It was prepared in advance - in two, in three weeks, and maybe even earlier. When the parliament "made a decision", everything was already decided, prepared, formed. It was decided to enter Bendery by military force.

This makes think and learn from what happened. Believe on bare word is dangerous when it comes to the security of the state and people, as practice shows, even if there is a guarantee on the part of some very, perhaps, serious states. People died - civilians and defenders of Pridnestrovie because of this deception, because of this meanness, because of invasion of Bendery. We honor their memory. People remember and know that you must always be ready to protect youself.

A completely new generation of people has grown in Moldova in 28 years, the following generations are growing, who do not know the horror of that war and know very little about the conflict. I talked with young people from Moldova. The lack of information is striking. And it is dangerous. Why? Because people do not know their history. And the history is tragic both for Pridnestrovie and for Moldova. In fact, political figures played mean trick with the people. Moldovans who died here - why did they die? For what integrity of Moldova, if the parliament in 1990 destroyed the integral Moldova, the Moldavian SSR, recognizing this entity illegally created? What did they fight for? Who did they protect? Frankly speaking, the people who died here on the Moldovan side are also victims in this war. Now the new generation in Moldova, unfortunately, knows little about it, understands little.

We are definitely not aggressors. We have one philosophy of life - this is peace. And peacekeepers - peacekeepers of Russia, Pridnestrovie, Moldova, and observers from Ukraine are guarantors of this peace. I am absolutely convinced that if there were peacekeepers here on June 19, 1992, there would be no war, there would be no victims. This is the answer to those who say that it is necessary to withdraw them, it is necessary to withdraw the Russian troops, it is necessary to eliminate the military presence. They stand guard over the peace. Those who want to withdraw them, eliminate this presence, have nothing to do with the peace. History must be remembered. Do not live in the past, but remember, honor it and think about tomorrow, relying on a history that was, especially on the tragic history of our land, our Motherland, our Pridnestrovie.

We are ready to uphold, including in the courts, and unequivocally defend our right to life, to independence. We can prove who the aggressor is, that there was terrorism in the actions of the Moldovan authorities. Probably the time has not come. Maybe the world is not ready for this, the so-called democracy is not ready for this. Apparently, there is some kind of special democracy: someone can kill, but someone cannot be protected ... We are ready. Is Moldova ready to repent or give a legal assessment? Hardly. Not enough courage.