Vadim Krasnoselsky, “The future of Pridnestrovie is not greyness, but a flourishing state, attractive and comfortable for living”

Various topics related to the life of cities and regions of the republic were discussed in the course of the meeting held today at the presidential executive office with the participation of the leadership of the PMR Government, the Supreme Council and state administrations. They reported, for example, about the readiness for the start of the school year. The objects of the education sector for the most part are ready to receive students and pupils, or work on them is at the final stage. There are questions about equipping the school of the Olympic reserve. The institution is preparing for the opening, but it turned out that there are doubts about the timely installation of furniture and equipment for the catering unit. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to immediately investigate the reasons for the delay and solve the problem: it is unacceptable to take children in unequipped rooms, the President emphasized. He recalled the adopted program, according to which the purchase and installation of kitchen equipment in educational institutions is financed.

Another area of ​​discussion within the framework of today's meeting is the improvement of military graves. Representatives of cities and districts spoke about measures taken to bring monuments, memorial places and graves of defenders in proper form on the eve of Victory Day and the anniversary of the creation of the republic. They mentioned the updated Alley of Heroes in the Bendery Borisov cemetery. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted, the places reserved for the burial of defenders who died after military events remain without due attention.

Roads were also discussed today. The Heads talked about how things are going on the ground. They talked about transition to new technologies, the use of which will make it possible to reduce the cost and speed up the process of updating the roadbed, and most importantly, to make the work more efficient. Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ivan Untu, head of the profile department, recalled the development of the corresponding state program (until 2026) announced allocation of 16.5 million rubles this year for the purchase of new equipment. It is necessary to buy a trailer for delivery to the place of work and a mobile laboratory. It was decided that Tiraspol will follow the path of concreting roads, Bendery will remain faithful to asphalt for now. An important component is the laying of paving slabs. It is produced on the territory of the republic, it is convenient from the point of view of repairing certain sections of the coating and is able to revive the architecture of the equipped area due to bright design solutions. Active use throughout the country significantly increased the demand for tiles. The meeting participants discussed options for increasing its production volumes, especially by municipal enterprises.

The President stated that the situation with the appearance of the towns and villates is changing dramatically. It is necessary to pay more attention to the organization of cultural events. So far, only citizens of Bendery can analyze the effectiveness of the use of park territories. This year, about three dozen are planned in the Alexander Nevsky Park. Judging by the attendance of many thousands, there is great interest in it. Parks in all towns and villages should be actively involved. Vadim Krasnoselsky is sure that their relevance depends on the quality of the organization of festivals, event, theme, industry holidays. Next year the administrations should hold first fifteen events on the grounds.

They focused on sports. The President raised the topic of introducing youth to football - the most popular and most accessible sport. Vadim Krasnoselsky believes that the education system can be fully involved in this work. On the initiative of the President, the practice of holding “Leather Ball” tournaments will be resumed already in the coming academic year. Pridnestrovian Football Federation is in charge of this direction. In April-May, the first stage will take place, during which local school teams will compete with each other. The second stage will be inter-district competitions. By the next year, the mechanism will become more complicated - two age categories (up to and over 14 years old) will appear. In the future, girls tournaments are possible. “It is important to involve children in this process, create the necessary conditions for them, apart them away from computers and create a competitive atmosphere. Sports stars do not fall from the sky, they must be sought and educated. We have healthy, talented youth. They needs our attention”, the President emphasized.

Concluding the four-hour working conversation, Vadim Krasnoselsky thanked the heads of state administrations for the efforts made to improve cities and regions. The President called their work important and, most importantly, productive, aiming at its effective continuation. “The future of Pridnestrovie is not greyness, but a flourishing state, attractive and comfortable for living”, concluded Vadim Krasnoselsky.