On the eve of May 9, the PMR President talked to journalists of the TSV

TSV: Considering that we communicate on the eve of the holiday of May 9, our conversation is thematic. On Victory Day by tradition you will take part in the Immortal Regiment. Whose portrait will you carry in hands?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: Traditionally - of my grandfather Vasily Ivanovich Krasnoselsky. He is a participant in the Second World War, The Great Patriotic War, reached Austria, liberated the Crimea in 1944, he was wounded more than once. Of course, my family and I will go with his portrait and with the portrait of my father, who did a long military service, participated in two military campaigns: Daman events on the border with China and the war in Afghanistan. They are both Defenders of the Fatherland for me.

TSV: This year Pridnestrovian Immortal Regiment will be in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We know that now our compatriots who live, work or study in Moscow and St. Petersburg are gathering. How do you assess this “unit” as part of a huge army of portraits.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: Of course, positive. The idea belongs to our compatriots. We heard from them about the desire to participate from Pridnestrovie in the Immortal Regiment. Information is distributed In St. Petersburg and in Moscow about where they will be assembled with portraits and flags - Victory and Pridnestrovian, in order to march in the general column of the Immortal Regiment in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It is very important to unite compatriots, to understand our history, to show everyone that there is Pridnestrovie, that it honors its ancestors, honors heroes - not only in the territory of Pridnestrovie but also outside.

TSV: In your opinion, such “units” work more to demonstrate that we also participate in the common cause, or is it rather an indicator of the unification, unity of the people who took part in the war, and the people who are today in defense of the results past war.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: Victory in the Great Patriotic War was dearly bought - great loss of life, destruction, broken destinies, not to mention material and technical losses. We have defended our homeland. All the people united and defended. Multinational people - the power of the Soviet Union. We must also unite to protect the memory of this war, history and the feat of ancestors, fathers and grandfathers. The present war is no less intense. Now there are other wars - informational, technological. Not less fierce war is on various Internet resources, including the war with memory. The people then united and became the winner. Now this victory is necessary for victory. For the victory over those who are revanchist, who regret the victory of the Soviet soldier in that terrible war.

TSV: Can we say that we live in the midst of the redistribution of history? Children are taught a completely different history in Moldova since the nineties. Ukraine has its own history. We, as on the island, are between the two countries. So time is playing against us. Are we losing this battle for historical truth or not losing?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: We do not lose anything. In no case. We should touch upon the pre-war history and see what was happening in Europe that time to answer this question. How did Hitler appear? By and large, Germany suffered a catastrophic defeat in the First World War and was covenanted by the Versailles Peace. Germany could not have an offensive army, it was impossible to form armored troops, did not have fleet and aircraft. Nevertheless, everything gradually began to appear – according to the idea of ​​national fascism. The bright event of the pre-war era is the so-called Munich Treaty. Everyone remembers now and negatively evaluates the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, for some reason forgetting about the Munich Treaty, or, as it was called in Europe, the Munich Conspiracy. What is the concept of this Treaty? Czechoslovakia was crushed, destroyed, but after the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia and the suppression by Germany, France and the United Kingdom concluded peace non-aggression treaties with Nazi Germany. Few people talk about this and few people remember. Soviet diplomacy strongly opposed the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. No one wanted to hear Soviet diplomacy. After the Munich Conspiracy, Soviet diplomacy attempted to create a coalition against national fascism, against fascist Germany and fascist Italy. No one supported the idea of ​​the Soviet state. The Soviet Union was put in a very disadvantaged position. They had to gain time. By 1939, the workers 'and peasants' Red Army was greatly weakened. It took time to build up power and create a serious mobilization resource. It was necessary to have the same treaty that France and Britain entered into with fascist Germany. On August 23, 1939, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the non-aggression pact were concluded by means of Soviet diplomacy. It was a victory for Soviet diplomacy. The step was necessary. Today, causal relationships between the Munich Agreement and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact can be traced.

Without first there would be no second. This is history. Why did it happen? Why was Hitler given an opportunity to build up his military power? I am convinced that he was being prepared for war with the Soviet Union. Soviet diplomacy has gained time. But this time was not really used by 1941. However, it was a necessary step. There were also additional secret protocols, according to which Eastern Europe was divided into spheres of influence between fascist Germany and the Soviet Union. This directly still has a projection on us, the current Pridnestrovie. After the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the approval of secret protocols, Bessarabia was transferred to Soviet Russia. There was a question for Soviet leadership: what to do with Bessarabia? There was a total Romanization, everything Slavic, Russian was destroyed. Agrarian appendage of great Romania. Nothing, by and large. It was decided to connect Bessarabia to the MASSR - to the existing territory, the already existing administrative resource. The leaders of the Moldavian SSR were the leaders of the former MASSR. They are attached to us. In connection with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, with these secret protocols, we became known as the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. This provision lasted until June 23, 1990.

On June 23, 1990, the Parliament of Moldova, considering the insignificance of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, as they called it, declared the illegality of the creation of the Moldavian SSR, that is, in fact they left the Moldavian SSR and left us alone. Legally and in fact, this is the recognition of Pridnestrovian statehood. We have the full right for approval at international sites. The opinion that Pridnestrovie has withdrawn from Moldova is wrong. We did not leave Moldova, it was Moldova that left the MSSR.

Those historical events, their projections affect us so far. A small nuance is that today all states - the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, the whole of Europe, including Poland recognized the nullity of the consequences of these agreements (the Munich Agreement and the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact). Why are the consequences of this document still being projected onto Pridnestrovie?

Let's return to the first question. Of course, the war was won by the people, the people of the Soviet Union. Why is it necessary to save this memory? Unfortunately, revanchist sentiments of national fascism, which are welcomed in many states live and flourish in the modern world. Even the fascist criminals who were convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal, in fact, rehabilitated. Think about it: there is a verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal following the Second World War. Monuments to Soviet soldiers are being demolished, graves are being destroyed. If the memory of the victory of the Soviet soldier, the Soviet Union in this world war is erased, so maybe these states regret the victory of the Soviet soldier and the Soviet army? Maybe they wanted Hitler to win? Perhaps they did not want a victorious May 1945 in Berlin, but wanted a Wehrmacht victory in November 1941 in Moscow? You need to know your story and save memory. The concept of people's memory and honor are inseparable. If we do not keep our memory, we will lose our honor. The price is heavy. We do not lose. Brest Fortress, permanent fire position... We continue the fight, information fight. Everything is clear to our people in Pridnestrovie, no need to explain anything. May 9, tomorrow, people will come and tell by their deed, by their participation, how important this day is for them. Number of flowers on the graves will also talk about this, number of participants of different age groups, number of portraits. There was a loss in every family. Every family was touched by the flames of that war. All will come. This is our word.

TSV: There is one nuance. You and I, our age group, were brought up with the stories of our fathers, Soviet classical literature about the war (Bondarev, Groysman, Nekrasov), films ("They Fought for the Motherland", "In War as in War"). Modern schoolchildren do not longer read this, do not watch.  Will there be the same gap? Previously, it was passed from family to family. TV, school, library - all worked on the same idea, the heirs of the winners. New generations are different. Perhaps, to open summer cinemas, to take tests on these books from today's schoolchildren and students?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: I would not say that our children do not watch movies of the war years. My children watch. The “Heirs of Victories” movement comprises of young people, and, moreover, not a hundred, but thousands of young people. I think that it is necessary to popularize it, and it depends on us how we will keep this memory. The other day in Tiraspol was the reconstruction of the battle of the Great Patriotic War. There were many people who wanted to see it. Next year, on the 75th anniversary of the Victory, this will be presented even more. Participants and viewers of different age categories are waiting, everyone needs this.

TSV: If we talk about the Great Patriotic War with reference to our region, we all remember that there was a Romanian occupation here. Your recent statement on the inadmissibility of the name Transnistria for us, namely, our republic in the West for so many decades called, caused a great resonance, especially on the Internet. Many wondered how we attract tourists? Tourists just so look for in the search engines, they know from school years, from books this word. How do we find a balance? We attract tourists. On the other hand, we want this historical justice to be observed.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: “Transnistria” is an exclusively Romanian occupation name. Under this "signboard" mass shootings took place here. Not only executions of Jews, like the Holocaust, but also executions of civilians. It is not only about Pridnestrovie, it is the whole south of Ukraine. Under this “signboard”, according to various estimates, from three hundred to six hundred thousand Jews were killed. For me personally, as a person and a patriot who respects his history and his memory, “Transnistria” is the Holocaust, fascism and Nazism. For me, it is totally unacceptable. When I communicate with my colleagues, Western diplomats, I always say not to call us “Transnistria”. Get used to it. There is Transdniestria, with the "d". Letters changed - the meaning changes. Or pronounce Pridnestrovie in English. Get used to our name. You all know about the protocol agreement, the certification of diplomas of the Pridnestrovian State University in Chisinau. Why have we not been able to reach a consensus for a long time? Because the Moldovan side insisted that “Transnistria” registered in our diplomas. I was totally against it. It is offensive to me if the synonym for the Holocaust, occupation and fascism will be in our Pridnestrovian diplomas. Therefore, Transdniestria - no questions, there is a compromise. When I spoke with Western diplomats and ambassadors of Western states, I gave this example, noting that this is unacceptable for us, and they heard me. Literally two days later, everyone agreed with “Transdniestria”.

TSV: Do you think something like this will happen with the replacement of Transnistria in Pridnestrovie? Constant dropping wears away a stone, and everything will work?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: It has already happened. People around should respect our traditions, our history and our memory. “Transnistria” is like an indicator. A lot has been said in social networks that we are supposedly losing tourists. We will not lose, we on the contrary will gain. The one who is on the other end of the electronic network will understand that we have memory, pride, that it is worth going here and see what kind of people who respect themselves live here.

TSV: By the way, about the history. Monuments are always witnesses of certain events. One of the most interesting, but slightly sidelined is the Black Wall in Bendery. This is one of the examples when the future of the then Royal Romania showed what will happen when Pridnestrovie becomes Transnistria. Hundreds of people were shot because they spoke Russian, worked as railway workers and dared to raise an armed uprising against Romania. This monument is now being destroyed. It seems to me that we need to pay attention to these points, with which the history is pinned to us, the points of contact.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: Not only the Black Wall, we have lots of monuments that need attention. The Black Wall is a reminder of resistance to the Romanian occupation. This is May 1919, when a well-known powerful uprising broke out, and the rebels actually managed to free Bendery from the Romanian occupiers. This uprising was crushed. At that moment, the Avignon Infantry Regiment stood in the Bendery Fortress. The Romanians so cruelly suppressed the uprising, shot at civilians, that the French, who at that time were allies of Romania in the Entente, defended the civilian population. They left the fortress, turned into battle formation and divided the city from the Bendery-1 station to the railway bridge into two halves and allowed the rebels to leave for Soviet Russia, to Tiraspol. This is a historical fact. Moreover, during the clashes 25 soldiers and officers of this French unit were killed. These warriors were buried at the memorial. In fact, people were shot not in this place you are talking about, but in the territory of the depot itself. The Black Wall is subject to recovery and care. The head of the Bendery State Administration received such an order.

TSV: Elections were held in Ukraine and Moldova, parliamentary in Moldova, presidential in Ukraine. What is your expectation from the processes that are now happening in neighboring states? How can the choice in these countries affect relations with Pridnestrovie?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: The elections were held, and I would like, first of all, political stability and peace. I don't want to give anyone advice. There is a good saying: everyone thinks he is a strategist, seeing the fight from the side. But in any case, you must be focused on the peace. This is the initial task for Ukraine. Moldova - political stability. The state cannot develop in conditions of a political crisis. It will only incur losses that will lay a burden on the population. Therefore, as the PMR President, I want to see our neighbors peaceful and stable. I have always stated my position that we do not support anyone, we support the choice of the people. We will talk to those, who are elected by the people. This is the right formula in all these complex relationships.

TSV: A Pridnestrovian entered name in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a native of Dubossary, Anna Odobescu. Very soon she will represent Moldova at this competition. What is for you the participation of our athletes, our musicians in international competitions and contests? This is the promotion of our name, image or proof that our people, although small, are capable of producing talents in large numbers.

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: This is, above all, self-respect. You must first learn to respect yourself, people, state. We have a small country, but many talents in music and sports. Such a small piece of land - many creative teams, many graduates of our Institute of Arts who have achieved high results! When they perform outside the republic, in any case they represent Pridnestrovie. For example, our magnificent symphony orchestra. I assure you, if you submit it outside the republic, show its capabilities in full, you will not have to agitate for Pridnestrovie. This will be a recognition. All our teams must tour, must show that there is Pridnestrovie, Pridnestrovian people, and through this we will seek recognition. You can come to him in different ways. I don’t want us to come to a confession through blood. We will achieve it through the peace, virtue, through our culture, history, sport.

TSV: Vadim Nikolaevich, you initiated large-scale work in the fortress in Bendery. The handsome Alexander Nevsky Park, Bendery Stadium has been opened, great works are underway in Tiraspol, Rybnitsa, Kamenka, throughout the republic. What is it done for? For people who now live in the republic or for future generations?

Vadim Krasnoselsky, the PMR President: In addition to parks, cultural, historical and sports facilities, the Capital Investment Fund contains serious funds for the repair of preschool institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities. This is a complex work. Distortion or extremes - this is not good. If for example healthcare, I don't have to tell you and the people what the state of the objects were and many are to this day, but the movement has begun. This year we will repair or build again 31 health facilities. These are FAPs in rural areas, clinics, hospitals. Next year, approximately the same volumes and funds are planned. We finish in 2021. This time is necessary for us to reconstruct the entire health care industry. Do not forget about the objects of the sphere of education, culture, sports. Every village in the countryside has its own House of Culture. I arrived in Malaeshty. There is a large House of Culture, in which various groups are engaged, more than 100 people, but in what conditions? There is no heating, the roof, the walls are crumbling. I asked the question how and when this situation developed. The director of the House of Culture said that the heating system was frozen in 1987. Is that right? This year this facility will be renovated, like many others. Step by step, the House of Culture will be repaired in each village, so that it will be the center of the village, so that children and creative teams will be involved in it, so that new sections can be opened. This is respect for yourself. Respect for oneself is not a word, this is a matter. The capital investment fund serves to overhaul the infrastructure of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. As for parks, it is necessary to create centers for gathering people at public events. Do you remember talks about whether to build the Alexander Nevsky Park or not? Is there enough time and money? Invested in the construction of the park amount is negligible compared to the amount of government spending on pensions, salaries, and in general for the implementation of the capital investment program. People by their participation, by their interest in the already held festivals show that there is a need for such an object. People are coming, thanks to everyone who built this park. Such places will appear throughout the country. This is the embankment in Rybnitsa, Wittgenstein Park in Kamenka, a park in the center in Slobodzeya. We involve people in work, pay taxes, but people should rest. The state should create conditions for work, creating places for job and for recreation. This is respect for your own people. 45 thousand people came to the opening of the Alexander Nevsky Park, 10-15 thousand people gather at the events - this is the people to admire.

Tomorrow is a great day - Victory Day. We have to come and worship everything from young to old, lay flowers on the graves and monuments, participate in the action "Immortal Regiment" - in spite of all those who are trying to change our history. Thus, we will preserve our memory and our honor.