Traditional events for the Bendery Tragedy Day will be organized taking into account coronavirus restrictions

The President during one of the meetings noted that the republic will not disregard one of the most important dates in the history of Pridnestrovie - the Day of Bendery tragedy. Commemorative events on June 19 will be organized. Taking into consideration the pandemic and the effect of restrictive measures, there will be no massive participation. The flower laying ceremony at the Bendery Memorial of Memory and Sorrow will be held in a narrow circle: the leadership of the country and the city will take part in it. A traditional Memory Regatta will also take place. The start will be given with an update on the instructions of the PMR President by this date of the Seagull rowing base. Repair and construction works are carried out at the expense of the Capital Investment Fund and is at the final stage. The object is under presidential control.