Vadim Krasnoselsky congratulated the Head of Slobodzeya district and Slobodzeya on the 70th anniversary

Addressing the birthday person, the President noted that Vasily Tishenko is one of the few leaders of the old school who still occupies a responsible position - he heads the largest district of the republic. “You are successfully coping with this task. It is hard to imagine a leader who can so successfully unite people of different opinions and formations. You are at your post”, Vadim Krasnoselsky expressed confidence.

The President highly appreciated the personal qualities of Vasily Tishenko: “A big family and a good attitude of people is your merit. In the team of heads of state administrations, you also occupy a worthy place - the place of the elder”. Vadim Krasnoselsky wished Vasily Tishenko health, long life, continued success in the professional field, and prosperity to Slobodzeya district and the city of Slobodzeya.

Vasily Tishenko, in turn, thanked the President for the warm words of congratulations and the confidence he had shown. Vasily Tishenko promised to continue to work for the benefit of his city and district.