Current issues on the agenda of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President

Members of the Operational Headquarters under the President during the working discussion spoke about the global trend of COVID-19 incidence increase. The situation in Pridnestrovie is non-optimistic. Anti-records of the past week exceed 240 cases registered during the day. At the same time, the daily discharge of patients who have coped with the disease does not overlap the number of patients admitted to infectious diseases hospitals. The possibilities of the available bed fund will be quickly exhausted with a quantitative privilege of the carriers of the virus. To date, the workload of the network of operating level II hospitals, which includes the hospital deployed on the basis of the Suvorov School is 76%. The sleeping quarters of the Republican Cadet Corps and the Tirotex wards, converted into hospital blocks are in reserve. Additional expansion of the bed fund may soon be necessary with an increase in the incidence over the past week by 60% (1232 cases registered from November 9 to 15, versus 728 identified a week earlier). The headquarters is working on all possible options.

The President asked about the fate of the new mobile express laboratories. Twenty devices and 10000 tests are already in medical institutions. They will begin to use them everywhere from today. Health Minister Christina Albul said that the RCH conducted 60 trial tests, duplicating studies in the conditions of PCR laboratories. 54 out of 60 indicators coincided, which indicates the high quality of the new type of express testing. Prompt receipt of test results (within 15 minutes) will significantly reduce the time spent by patients in hospitals of all levels, which will reduce the burden on the budget, Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled.

The President was interested in the provision of the health care system with medicines and individual protective means, recalling that it is necessary to replenish stocks constantly, forming applications in advance. Vadim Krasnoselsky said that the chief doctors of hospitals are obliged to keep under personal control not only the availability of medicines and protective equipment, as well as the course of treatment of each patient, but also the quality of service and nutrition of citizens in hospitals.

The issue of organizing vaccination of citizens against seasonal diseases was raised at the meeting of the Operational Headquarters. The republic received 12000 doses of influenza vaccine. Another 14000 units have been ordered. We are talking about three names of Russian-made drugs, the high quality of which has been confirmed in practice. Vaccination is voluntary, it will be carried out in the vaccination rooms of the polyclinic network. There is no talk of vaccinating Pridnestrovians against coronavirus yet.