Current Work of the Operational Headquarters

The President’s working week traditionally for the last few months began with a of the Operational Headquarters meeting for Prevention of the spread of COVID-19. The Head of the Operational Headquarters Mova said that 135 patients with confirmed diagnosis and more than fifty citizens awaiting results of biomaterial research are now in coronavirus hospitals of the republic. Within four days, the total number of laboratory-confirmed facts of the disease increased by 28, two carriers of COVID infection died, 44 people recovered. 1254 cases of COVID-19 were detected among Pridnestrovians, 48 ​​people died (3.8% mortality), 1042 residents of the republic coped with the virus (over 80% of cases) over the entire period of research. 14890 bioassays were sent for laboratory research during the pandemic.

The Operational Headquarters has eased some restrictions related to border crossing since July 2, for example, there is an opportunity for citizens to travel to the Republic of Moldova to resolve domestic issues within 12 hours (payment of various kinds of payments, caring for age or legally incapable relatives), as well as paperwork. In this regard, the load on the crisis center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs increased: the hotline received more than three and a half thousand calls in four days. Each exit request is considered individually, the accuracy of the information on the declared reason for crossing the border is checked. It was decided to create units of the crisis center based on territorial administrations from July 3 For a more expeditious consideration of incoming requests. Over the first three days, more than 2000 appeals were received and reviewed on the ground, approximately five hundred of which about the possibility of traveling outside the republic (388 approved). Totally, 935 citizens entered Pridnestrovie from 2 to 5 July. 1526 people received permission to travel on established grounds. In accordance with the decree of the President, border guards organized express testing of citizens entering the republic from non-CIS countries from the Republic of Moldova.

It was noted in the course of the Operational Headquarters meeting that the prevalence rate of coronavirus infection in PMR is 0,8%. According to the chief state sanitary doctor of the republic Natalia Beryl, if it is below 1, then we can talk about the next stage of mitigation of quarantine measures. Members of the Operational Headquarters discussed the proposal on the admission of pensioners to use the services of electric transport. To date, this opportunity is presented to employees upon presentation of a certificate of employment. According to the Head of the capital administration Oleg Dovgopol, trolleybuses are in demand by employees of enterprises and organizations until 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. It is proposed to allow older unemployed citizens to use trolleybuses from 10 to 16 hours. In this case, the entrance to the vehicle interior must be through one door with the obligatory treatment of passengers' hands with a disinfector. This responsibility rests with the conductors. He is also charged with controlling the number of passengers. It cannot exceed the number of seats in the cabin. Lectures and practical classes will be held for trolleybus administrations by Thursday on behalf of the President. The final decision on this issue will be taken at the next meeting of the Operational Headquarters.

Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about the readiness of the Dniester sanatorium’s activities in case the institution’s administration decides to resume work from July 15, in compliance with the standards prescribed by the sanitary service. According to Natalia Beryl, the documentation is ready. It is up to the leadership of the Kamenka sanatorium.

They also spoke in the course of the meeting that the softening of quarantine measures requires toughening of control measures. Particular attention is paid to the sphere of trade and public catering. The President emphasized that it is impossible to weaken supervision. Ruslan Mova announced the suspension last week of four establishments in the capital and one retail facility in Bendery.

The Operational Headquarters discussed during the meeting the state of affairs in the main medical institutions of the republic. Head doctors informed about the current situation and existing needs. All work in normal mode. Among the issues raised by the Heads of healthcare institutions is the provision of leave to doctors. Taking into consideration that the pandemic has not yet receded, the administration cannot afford to expose the staff, releasing employees on a long, set according to the standards monthly and a half-year annual leave. The vacation period will be divided into parts, depending on the personnel situation in the institution, members of the Operational Headquarters decided.