Current Work of the Operational Headquarters

Vadim Krasnoselsky held a regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. The President was informed about the current state of affairs. According to official data, 964 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered in the republic. 377 patients with a confirmed diagnosis are treated in coronavirus hospitals. 83 people are awaiting the results of laboratory study of tests for coronavirus. 36 people died (mortality rate is 3.7%), 516 Pridnestrovians (53.5% of the number of cases) coped with the disease.

Particular attention was paid today to the facts of the spread of coronavirus in medical facilities. The focal points of infection were identified in the surgical department of the Republican Clinical Hospital and in the city hospital of Bendery. The President instructed the Ministry of Health to conduct inspections. At the same time, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that silence and concealment are unacceptable. Isolated infections are not so terrible as harboring, which can lead to a massive spread of infection, the President outlined. Vadim Krasnoselsky, entrusting the holding of control measures, noted that he would not allow “to appoint the perpetrators”: those whose fault would be proved would be held responsible. Another requirement of the President: departments of medical institutions in which the fact of infection with coronavirus is detected should be quarantined. Among today's assignments - is the resumption of heating in all hospitals, as well as in social round-the-clock institutions.

The President called with particular attention to the upcoming opening of outpatient facilities. Their visit should be limited and controlled, by appointment and in compliance with the strictest security measures - both on the part of staff and patients. The Ministry of Health is preparing a legal framework governing the work of polyclinics in the conditions of an emergency regime extended until June 15. From Monday, patients and dental offices will be resumed. On Tuesday, sellers of locally produced fruits and vegetables will enter the food markets. In addition, the heads of state administrations were given permission to organize open areas in the cities for the sale of flowers. By the beginning of next week, members of the Operational Headquarters will prepare proposals for further mitigation of quarantine restrictions. The possibility of resuming the operation of the outdoor terraces of summer cafes, as well as conducting group classes in the fresh air by trainers teachers of additional education institutions, is being discussed.