Work of the Operational Headquarters on Prevention of Coronavirus

396 infected citizens undergo treatment at coronavirus centers of the PMR. 38 minors are among them. 118 patients are suspected COVID-19. During the fight against pandemic in Pridnestrovie, 25 people died who became infected with a new virus (mortality rate 4.4%). 144 Pridnestrovians coped with the disease. The largest number of infections was detected among residents of the capital (295), almost three times less in Slobodzeya (107), Bendery (63), Dubossary (59), Grigoriopol (21), Rybnitsa (18), Dnestrovsk (2) and Kamenka (1). The total number of registered infections of Pridnestrovians is 566. This information was announced at an expanded meeting of the Presidential Operations Headquarters. Approximately fifty officials took part in the videoconference.

It was mentioned during the working discussion, that the main block of restrictive measures introduced in the republic in connection with the spread of coronavirus continues. Fulfillment of requirements is under control of specialized services 5300 inspections of trade objects for compliance with quarantine standards were conducted during three days which 34 violations were identified. Officially self-insulated persons are under constant supervision. There are 1626 of them today. Since the introduction of the state of emergency, 889 people who violated the conditions of home quarantine have been brought to administrative responsibility. Polyclinics and medical outpatient clinics are under special control, whose employees are ordered to provide only emergency medical care.

Feasibility of redistributing the load on coronavirus hospitals was discussed at the meeting (taking into consideration the maximum workload of some and the empty hospital rooms of others). There were opinions that, in isolated cases of coronavirus disease, among residents of a town (district) it makes sense to preserve the local COVID center, and refer patients for treatment to neighboring settlements. The President called for flexibility in decision-making based on realities and circumstances, as well as mutual assistance. An example of effective interaction is the decision of the chief physician of the Rybnitsa hospital to take over the delivery and conduct of research on scan of patients of the Dubossary coronavirus hospital.

At the meeting of the Operational Headquarters, information was voiced that a batch of individual protection equipment and rapid tests expected from abroad was on the way. Delivery is a matter of a couple of days. Until that time, the President called on hospitals to redistribute available remedies based on need.

A group of three medical specialists is expected to arrive in Pridnestrovie through Rospotrebnadzor May 12  to provide advice. Today, a videoconference was held with Russian colleagues on the treatment of coronavirus in adult patients, tomorrow a similar lecture will be devoted to children's COVID-19. The day before, a WHO delegation visited the republic. The President asked officials and doctors who spoke on duty with representatives of the World Health Organization about their impressions and was interested in the practical value of the dialogue. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the exchange of knowledge and experience is extremely important.

During the discussion on the gradual easing of quarantine restrictions in force in the republic in connection with the pandemic, Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that such decisions should be approached with extreme caution. Taking into account the instability of the situation, any relaxation can lead to its deterioration. After a detailed and reasoned exchange of views, members of the Operational Headquarters agreed that starting next week it is permissible to return to work life stores outside shopping centers and markets, as well as allow citizens, accompanied by relatives, to freely move around the republic in personal cars. At the same time, the security principle, which is embedded in the call "Stay home!" remains in force. Contacts should still be minimized, the President emphasized, urging the media not to weaken educational outreach activity in this direction.