Socially significant issues under control of the President

The issue of maintenance of vehicles operated by medical institutions was raised at the meeting under the President. Vadim Krasnoselsky received information that not all organizations pay due attention to the vehicle fleet. The President instructed the Minister of Health to clarify the situation. According to Christina Albul, the inspection has identified only one institution in which cars are not properly maintained. The leadership was ordered to correct the situation. The question is closed. Vadim Krasnoselsky reminded the chief physicians that the condition of official vehicles is their sphere of ​​responsibility. He emphasized that the state has done everything possible to update the car park of healthcare institutions. Special attention was paid to the ambulance service, commercial enterprises also helped. It is unacceptable that the lives and health of patients awaiting help are at risk due to the negligence of individual employees or officials, the President emphasized.

Another issue raised during the meeting with participation of the leadership of the Government, the Supreme Council, a number of ministries and departments, as well as the chief doctors of the republic's medical institutions is the shortage of personnel in the healthcare sector. Rodion Romanov was invited to the conversation. He raised the issue a week earlier in the course of the meeting of social activists with the President, that children with special needs studying in specialized institutions do not have the opportunity to undergo treatment - prophylactic course or emergency in the period of exacerbation of the disease - from specialized specialists. The mechanism of sanatorium-resort treatment of such children has not been working for a long time. The Minister of Health confirmed that there is only one pediatric psychiatrist in the entire republic. Not a single graduate of the medical faculty expressed a desire to work in this specialty at the same time. Vadim Krasnoselsky called this state of affairs unacceptable. He recalled that the state trains personnel for the medical sector, including for budgetary funds, which means that it should regulate distribution issues based on the existing need and request, and not solely on the wishes of students. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed this week to hold an expanded meeting on this topic and report on the results next Monday.

The Ministry of Social Protection and Labor was instructed to intensify information activities among parents and guardians of children who are trained and brought up in correctional institutions. We are talking about the opportunity provided to use the services of doctors working in commercial clinics at the expense of the state (in the event that there are no specialists of the required profile in a state medical institution). The mechanism is working. Over three hundred people have exercised this right since April. Doctors of the "Tiramad" center receive patients locally. The departure of narrow-profile doctors to towns and districts of the republic is practiced.

The President asked the Minister of Social Protection and Labor whether the fourth visit of children to health camps was organized. According to Elena Kulichenko, everything is ready to receive 370 young Pridnestrovians. They will spend their summer leisure time at the campsites from 14 to 27 August.

Another socially significant issue raised by the President on the basis of citizens' appeals is the financing of the burial of the deceased defenders of Pridnestrovie. The legislation provides for two options: organization of funeral procedures at the expense of the state or payment of allowances to relatives for these purposes. Its size is 2350 rubles. According to Spetszelenstroy price list, basic services cost 2223 rubles (that is, the amount is commensurate with the amount of the allowance) - if you do not take into account the points that raised questions: preparation of the burial site and departure of a specialist to the place (additionally 265 rubles). The meeting participants are sure that this amount is far-fetched, since the list of services already includes the preparation of the grave. Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed to investigate and report to him on the issue.

They also talked at the meeting about progress in the improvement of the territory of the Bendery Borisov cemetery, where deceased defenders are buried. Monuments have already been built at hundreds of graves at the expense of the state. The President recalled that it is necessary to pave the paths and think over water supply and drainage.