Working meeting with the Head of Dubossary administration was held

According to the information announced by the Head of Dubossary administration in the course of the  meeting at the presidential executive office, the district will continue to work on providing villages with drinking water. Small villages of the district were connected to the centralized water supply last year: Novye Pogreby, Novye Goyany and Dubovo. Well drilling was carried out, water tower was installed, a pipeline was laid. It was the turn of the villages of Novaya Lunga and Bosca in 2020. Doibany-2 is in the plans for next year.

Ruslan Chaban spoke about reconstruction of social infrastructure, in particular kindergartens. This year, the roofs have been repaired, window blocks have been replaced, the heating system has been updated, the adjacent territories have been paved with paving slabs in the preschool educational institutions "Krasnaya Shapochka" and "Ivushka" at the expense of capital investment fund . Next year, they expect to put in order the facades of buildings, bathrooms, shadow awnings of playgrounds.

The center of Dubossary is densely built up, therefore it is not possible to allocate space for a park zone in this part of the city. Leisure locations are being improved in other parts of the city. Located near the Dniester embankment the Energetikov Park is gradually changing. Last year they laid paths there, provided lighting, installed benches, and equipped a playground. This is not a standard play area, but a kind of art object: the complex is made in the form of a ship. It is planned in the future to locate a field for playing sports nearby. Its coverage will be rubberized, which will make it comfortable and safe to play mini-football, volleyball and basketball. City sidewalks require attention, Ruslan Chaban said. The color scheme of the tiles will be similar to those used in the central part of the city. Considering that numerous cultural events are held in the Energetikov Park, the stage area located there will also have to be renovated.

Speaking about the sports infrastructure, the Head of the district recalled the unrealized idea of ​​building a sports complex in the city. The finished project includes halls for gymnastics and game sports, as well as a swimming pool.

Having listened to the report of the Head of Dubossary and information about the objects to be included in the fund of capital investment, the President emphasized that the improvement should be carried out systematically and not only at the state expense, but also by the forces and means of the region itself. The interlocutors discussed topical issues of the life of the Dubossary district, exchanged views on the existing developments in terms of its development, outlined plans for further work.