Regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters was held

The average daily incidence of coronavirus last week was 70 people. A week earlier, an average of 80 infections per day were recorded. The dynamics that makes it possible to make forecasts and calculations of hospital occupancy rates is stable in general. Today, 76% of deployed beds- 1297 units are occupied. There are 29 seriously ill patients. Two are connected to lung ventilation. Most asymptomatic carriers of the infection undergo treatment in a hospital deployed at the Spartak health camp. 124 Pridnestrovians are accommodated there at the moment, the capacity is290. Heating devices are installed in the buildings. The President was informed in the course of the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention of the spread of coronavirus that all infectious diseases hospitals, as well as institutions of the inpatient-type health care system are provided with heat. The general Slobodzeya hospital is 95% occupied, but in the near future, a mass discharge of successfully treated citizens is expected. Nevertheless, Vadim Krasnoselsky instructed by the end of the day to submit proposals on the location of additional COVID center for the needs of the Slobodzeya district. In addition to the carriers of the virus, 183 suspected of the infection patients are under controlled isolation. Their hospital stay, as well as treatment of patients, is paid by the state. The same situation is with citizens who have undergone full course of treatment and are awaiting the results of the final examination of biomaterial samples taken before. The longer the wait, the more expensive it is for the country's budget, the President recalled. He asked about progress in the acquisition of equipment and consumables for new express laboratories, the high efficiency and efficiency of analyzes of which have been proven in practice. The PMR Minister of Health Kristina Albul announced the availability of a commercial offer. According to her, equipping medical institutions of each district and city with a laboratory of this type will cost the republic as a whole 800 thousand rubles, a batch of 10000 tests costs 2 million rubles. Specialists from other departments will study this proposal before the next meeting of the Operational Headquarters, and if it is confirmed that it is profitable, an appropriate agreement will be concluded. The delivery will take about a month.

Increase of calls number to the ambulance service was noted at the meeting. According to statistics of the capital, there were a hundred more calls than in the previous ones for the last ten days of October. Compared to the same period last year, there was a sevenfold increase. This is largely due to the conscientiousness of citizens who take preventive measures at the first symptoms of coronavirus. Members of the Operational Headquarters consider this approach to be correct, since early detection, operational isolation of the carrier of the virus and provision of professional medical care prevent the mass spread of disease and contribute to its rapid treatment. The President recalled that everyone's task is to protect themselves and their surroundings, thereby preventing an unbearable burden on the Ministry of Health. Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that most of the sick are citizens employed in one area or another, that is, members of collectives. Mass infection can only be avoided by strictly observing the requirements of quarantine safety, the President emphasized. He supports the decision of the headquarters to transfer a third of the staff to work remotely. At the same time, the President emphasized that this is precisely about: administrations of institutions, organizations, enterprises must organize the work process in a remote format so that employees, being at home, perform their duties, and not formally be on the job. When determining the circle of persons transferred to remote work, the priority is given to employees of retirement age who are in the group of increased risk of infection.

The mechanism of controlled self-isolation is effective. To date, home quarantine has been prescribed for 1584 citizens. Their performance discipline is tested in various ways. 29 violations, for example, were revealed within a few days using the Safe City video system, said the head of the Operational Headquarters Ruslan Mova. He announced data on the incidence of coronavirus among Pridnestrovians. At the moment, 4710 cases of infection have been registered. 113 COVID-positive citizens died (mortality 2.4%) during the entire observation period. 3176 people (67% of the number of cases) were recovered.

The next meeting of the Operational Headquarters for prevention and control of the Spread of coronavirus is scheduled for Thursday.