Regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters took place

Current information related to the spread of coronavirus in the PMR was announced in the course of the regular meeting of the Operational Headquarters under the PMR President. 833 infections were detected during the entire period of the pandemic. Currently, there are 380 patients with coronavirus diagnosis and 69 suspected infections in the COVID centers of the republic. Analysis of statistical data showed that presence of COVID-19 is confirmed in 15.5% of the tested citizens. To date, more than half of Pridnestrovians infected with coronavirus (50.1%) have cured the disease. This is a fairly high indicator of the effectiveness of treatment (in the world, the percentage of recovery is 39.8%). Mortality among carriers of the new virus in Pridnestrovie is also lower than in other countries (4.1%), almost all of the 34 dead patients of coronavirus hospitals were diagnosed with serious concomitant diseases. Cases of severe course of the disease are single, as is the need for the use of mechanical ventilation apparatuses, doctors say, explaining the positive development of the situation with early detection. It was promoted by mass testing of citizens of various categories. At the moment, 5737 samples of biomaterial of citizens have been laboratory-tested. Significant coverage of the population is by rapid testing. The positive factor was the timely elimination of external sources of infection - closing the borders for foreigners, testing and isolating citizens of the PMR who arrived from abroad.

Considering that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Pridnestrovie is controlled, the Operational Headquarters has proposed further mitigation measures established in the pandemic. Among them there is resumption of activities of notary offices, real estate agencies and similar institutions providing services to the public from May 25. A day later, it was proposed to open passport departments and MREO divisions. It seems expedient for the members of the Operational Headquarters to release a limited number of trolleybuses on the line - not yet as a public transport, but to deliver the personnel of Tiraspol and Bendery medical institutions to their place of work and home. Electric vehicles will run at certain hours in the morning and evening along a strictly established route and with a minimum number of stops. The heads of state administrations were instructed to provide trolleybuses with identification marks that indicate that they are special vehicles for official use, as well as all necessary means of protection and disinfection.

The order given by the President is to clarify in the regulatory framework the restrictions on the number of citizens who are simultaneously on premises already open or preparing to resume operations. The norms “1 person per 10 square meters” are not enough to ensure the safety of citizens, Vadim Krasnoselsky considers. The so-called upper bar will be installed - the maximum number of visitors allowed into the room.

As for further plans to mitigate the quarantine, they will be discussed on Monday. The opening of hairdressers, beauty salons, manicure rooms and dental clinics depends on development of the situation with the spread of coronavirus. The decision will be made, based more on the opinion of the chief sanitary doctor of the republic. At the beginning of next week, the question of the sale of seasonal fruits and vegetables of local production remains to be determined. Considering the large areas of the equipped urban "green" markets and the smaller than expected number of seedling sellers who were allowed to centrally, in compliance with quarantine requirements, trade on the equipped counters, it is proposed to give part of the trading places in the food markets for trade in berries and greens. The mechanism is being worked out.

Vadim Krasnoselsky recalled that the gradual withdrawal from national quarantine is an agreed decision, justified by the need to accustom citizens to compliance with security measures.

They spoke today about individual entrepreneurs, many of whom are returning from forced downtime. The tax inspectorate is ordered to renew patents on the basis of applications filed by citizens in electronic form.

The President has traditionally listened to each head physician. Basically, the situation in medical institutions has stabilized. The work is going as usual. Coronavirus hospitals and other hospitals are provided with medicines, supplies, protective equipment, food, fuel and lubricants. Vadim Krasnoselsky asked about progress in eliminating violations identified in closed-type social institutions, and also drew attention to similar non-state institutions. The Heads of state administrations are instructed to take them under special control. Another aspect that the President paid attention to is a higher incidence rate among rural residents compared with the urban population. The local leadership was instructed to analyze the state of affairs in each locality and take measures to timely identify potential risk zones.