Mitigation of quarantine restrictions continues

The decision to continue the phased mitigation of quarantine measures was made during today's meeting of the Presidential Operational Headquarters. We are talking about the return to work of certain categories of economic entities. Shops located on the territory and along the perimeter of the markets with a separate entrance will be opened on Thursday, May 21. Construction markets, which are complexes of freestanding indoor retail outlets, can resume their activity the same day. The day after tomorrow the doors and shopping centers will be opened. Owners are required to ensure hand disinfection at the entrance to the shopping center and markets, contactless temperature measurement to visitors, and mask control. Responsibility for finding sellers and customers without masks in individual stores and boutiques, as well as exceeding the number of citizens in the premises established by quarantine standards, is placed on individual entrepreneurs.

Clothing, fruit and vegetable markets, as such (selling products from open counters) are still closed. It was proposed to provide the sites of the latter exclusively for the sale of seedlings. Sellers will be placed at a distance from each other, which will minimize contacts between buyers. The practice of providing the opportunity to trade seedlings along the road (using the example of Parkany) has shown that citizens are not organized and not conscious enough: trade was chaotic, without complying with quarantine requirements. This type of product will be traded centrally from Thursday. 180 safe trading places will be provided in Tiraspol in four markets (Green, Komsomolsky, Borodinsky, North). This experience will be used in Bendery. At the same time, open areas for the sale of fruits and vegetables, seedlings and seeds, previously organized in microdistricts of settlements, will continue to function.

Another decision of the Operational Headquarters is to allow tours on the territory of the Bendery Fortress. The size of the groups is limited to five students. Compliance with the mask regime is mandatory.

Mitigation measures against the quarantine imposed in connection with the spread of coronavirus were discussed during today's meeting. It was, for example, about the advisability of opening in the near future hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as workshops for the maintenance and repair of household and office equipment. The Operational Headquarters was tasked with working on these issues for the next meeting. It is scheduled for Thursday. Vadim Krasnoselsky emphasized that the exit of the country from the quarantine framework should be gradual. Staging is due to the need to control the situation, to be able to respond to its slightest changes. Fulfillment of quarantine requirements should become a habit among citizens and become the norm of life, then the need for restrictions as such will disappear, the President noted.