To ease quarantine restrictions: start has been made

The decision to allow the resumption of the activity from tomorrow of technical service and vehicle inspection stations, car repair shops, ateliers, organizations providing services for the tailoring and repair of shoes was made in the course of the meeting of the Operations Headquarters under the President. In this case, unconditional and tightly controlled compliance with quarantine safety requirements is prescribed. We are talking about wearing protective masks and gloves by employees, mandatory systemic disinfection of premises, equipment and inventory, as well as the use of personal protective equipment by visitors and customers. If the coronavirus situation does not worsen in the coming days, then by the beginning of next week it will be possible to count on the opening of locally retail facilities (outside shopping centers and markets). Another good news for Pridnestrovians: the opportunity to make private bike rides. The measures affected this particular type of outdoor activities and sports, since it does not involve any kind of contact and does not require the use of public sports equipment.