The PMR Investigative Committee summed up the results of the work of the agency last year

The President took part in the work of the Collegium of the PMR Investigative Committee. The Head of the PMR Investigative Committee Vyacheslav Brynzar made a report on the results of the Investigative Committee activities. At the beginning of his speech, he emphasized that the purpose of the event was to analyze the work done in the past year.

The speaker drew attention to the continuing trend towards decrease in crime in Pridnestrovie. Over the year, its level has become lower by 11% (in 2019, 3515 crimes were committed, 3000 were uncovered). Vyacheslav Brynzar noted that a third of the crimes committed are serious and especially serious. In the republic as a whole, the number of murders in the reporting period compared to the previous one decreased by 17%. At the same time, this figure increased in the Oktyabrsky microdistrict of the capital, as well as in the Slobodzeya and Dubossary districts, stated Vyacheslav Brynzar, noting that tight control was established over the course of investigations of criminal cases of this category. The number of robberies decreased by 42%. The disclosure in this area over the past three years exceeds 90%. After analyzing the statistics, the Head of the Investigative Committee noted that the number of criminal cases sent to the court as a percentage of the number of investigated increased. One and a half cases were returned for additional investigation by supervisory authorities. He also said that in the reporting period, investigators of the committee visited scenes of the accident 3367 times. The head named the best units for the year (Investigative Committee of Kamenka, Rybnitsa and Slobodzeya), as well as the most distinguished investigators.

The aspect that Vyacheslav Brynzar drew attention to is a decrease from 10 in 2018 to three in 2019 the number of acquittals handed down by the judicial authorities. This fact indicates a growing professionalism and high quality of the work. There are positive changes regarding the number of detainees to the number of arrested. If in 2014, 43% of citizens were detained unreasonably, then in 2019 the imbalance was minimized: out of 455 detainees, 416 were arrested (92%), the Head of the Investigative Committee said.

Among the negative aspects, Vyacheslav Brynzar identified a significant proportion (75%) of cases, the consideration of which was completed in violation of the statutory deadlines. Vyacheslav Brynzar among the reasons for the situation called multi-episodic cases, the commission of crimes by unidentified persons, inaction of investigators, as well as the duration of various kinds of examinations. Forensic medicine, for example, was delayed due to a malfunction of the gas chromatometer, said the head of the Investigative Committee. Vyacheslav Brynzar said that the department is working to create its own forensic laboratory, the commissioning of which is planned this year. Another point that the speaker drew attention to was the need to prepare a forensic expert opinion in the event of death due to natural causes. It is necessary to optimize the mechanism or expand the staff, said Vyacheslav Brynzar.

The PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky in this regard noted that the approach to work should be reasonable, and if practice requires adjustments, the agency should initiate and reasonably uphold. At the same time, the President considers it necessary to conduct a forensic medical examination in the event of the death of a minor or a woman in childbirth. In addition, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that it is necessary to clearly assess the need and value of expertise, which in most cases is extremely costly. With regard to the time limits for the consideration of cases, the President recalled his demand that the cases, the consideration of which lasts more than six months, be under the personal control of the Head of the Investigative Committee.

Vyacheslav Brynzar in the framework of the report focused on the issue of compensation to the state and citizens for damage. This is an amount of 111 million rubles. He spoke about the most resonant crimes of an economic nature, reminding the panel members that the President at the beginning of the year set the task to take additional measures to increase the effectiveness of criminal investigations in this category. In March of this year, a seminar is planned with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Investigative Committee, the Supreme Court and the Prosecutor's Office of the PMR, whose activities are related to the prevention and investigation of economic crimes. Speaking about the professional development of the staff of the Investigative Committee as a whole, Vyacheslav Brynzar said that 40 specialists of the department attended the courses on the basis of the TUI in 2018-2019. This practice will continue this year. Classes are scheduled for April-May. Vyacheslav Brynzar considers an important component of this activity the monthly certification of employees. Commenting on this issue, Vadim Krasnoselsky noted that he welcomed the interaction between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee in the field of postgraduate training of personnel.

The Speaker paid attention to working with citizens' appeals. In the course of the personal reception, 415 citizens visited the head and employees of the Investigative Committee in 2019, 573 written appeals were considered, clarifications on 138 requests were given. Vyacheslav Brynzar also spoke about the technical support of the activities of the Investigative Committee units, noting that a significant amount of work on infrastructure improvement was carried out last year. THE Investigative Committee is located in Tiraspol in a new building. Vyacheslav Brynzar noted that eight employees of the Investigative Committee became participants in the presidential affordable housing program. In addition, a housing cooperative was created, the members of which in the future will become the owners of two dozen apartments, Vyacheslav Brynzar said. He called this aspect socially significant, noting that in the Investigative Committee last year there was a large personnel turnover. To date, the Investigative Committee personnel consists of 266 people, 128 of which are investigators. The average age of employees is 35 years.

Concluding the speech, Vyacheslav Brynzar thanked his colleagues, as well as all employees of the security forces for effective team work. The President, in turn, at the end of the reporting and analytical discussion, noted that he considers the activities of the Committee in 2019 to be satisfactory. Vadim Krasnoselsky focused on the implemented separation of powers of the PMR Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor's Office, noting that disputes about the appropriateness of this step remained in the past. Practice confirms the correctness of this decision: the effectiveness of departments is growing, the mechanism of checks and balances has been strengthened, the President emphasized. He called not to be afraid of supervision and not to perceive negatively the direction of cases for additional investigation. Vadim Krasnoselsky spoke of the value of constructive interaction between the operational officers of the bodies of inquiry and the Investigative Committee, to which they managed to come, as well as with representatives of other law enforcement agencies. According to the President, it is precisely the consolidated approach to solving the assigned tasks that strengthens law and order in the state.

The meeting ended with presentation of awards for conscientious performance of official duties and high professionalism to the most distinguished employees of the PMR Investigative Committee.